Makiko Esumi, Sitting By A Window

A bicycle
bell pause bell

light early light first
train light colour
of waiting, waiting, waiting

light falling on a window
opposite, falling on the water in the plastic basin,
elliptical, fragments, arcs upon the paperwall
behind her head

a thread of steam, caught, bright
beside her face the child looks into her face the child moves
only when the water ceases to move

a light
bulb rolling on a wooden table, a clock
beside an open window from

a distance, bell pause bell
the sound is indistinct the window
barely visible
the sun is bright

JDP 98/09


"Maboroshi no hikari" a.k.a. "Maborosi" (Japan, 1995)
dir. Hirokazu Kore-eda, with Makiko Esumi, Takashi Naito.
Best Director, Vancouver (1995), Venice (1995)

Copyright John D Porter © 1998

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