I would kiss and kiss those bitter poppy lips,
          to numb these lips,
and I would gather wormwood and poppies,
          to burn.

I would gather up your flaming hair,
          I would garland you
with belladonna and with jasmine,
          ether-sweet and pale.

I would feed you fleshy amanita,
          wet your lips with bitter absinthe,
kiss your bitter lips and weep and kiss,
          weep, and kiss and kiss.

I would wade and walk beside you in the water,
          hold the rushes as you pass,
stroke your breast and
          marvel at your perfect pallor.

I would wade beside you,
          calm and pale and cool.

We would lie together,
          tangled in the crisp, white roots of rushes,
pale and still. We would lie together,
          silent and perfect and still.

JDP 98/01


"Ophelia" (model, Elizabeth Siddall)
Sir John Everett Millais (1851-2), The Tate Gallery.


"Kissed" (Canada, 1996),
dir. Lynne Stopkewich.
With Molly Parker.
Genie, Best Acress, Molly Parker (1997).


All the fear has left me, now.
Peace, in the struggle to find peace.
Comfort, on the way to comfort.

          Sarah McLachlan, "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy,"
          Sarah McLachlan & Pierre Marchand (1993)
          from "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy," Arista, 1993.

Copyright John D Porter © 1998

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