I hear a woman humming in the kitchen,
moving in the kitchen. I hear ovens tick and boom--
tick, tick, tick--the hush of gas,
the violet-blue, the pale blue heart,
the crack and boom of icy wooden floors,
the creak of bedsprings somewhere in the house, the hush of gas.

I hear women laughing in the kitchen, I hear
silence in the kitchen, whispers in the kitchen, crying
in the kitchen, laughter in the kitchen, singing, humming--
tick, tick, tick--the cry of blue enamel oven doors, the oriental
sound of blue enamel roasting dishes specked with white.
The sound of knives on wood, the sound of callouses on steel, the
sound of boiling water with a little salt.

JDP 97/12

Copyright John D Porter © 1997

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