The Castle

Among these crumbling blocks of stone
    I walk around: in time
I see these walls as ancient days
    When draped with curtains fine.

As darkness falls upon the house,
    It shows its "better" face.
I see the mystery unfold,
    Surrounding this old place.

The shadows flicker on the walls.
    The walls of coloured stone.
Pigmented by the setting sun,
    That shines through brush o'er grown.

And soon the warped wood on the stairs
    Begins to creak and groan.
The wind blows down the chimney's hole,
    Vibrating with a moan.

The cold and empty house resounds
    With every step I take.
It echoes and reverberates
    At every noise I make.

It won't last long, I know deep down;
    Its glory is all past.
It's fought a long but hopeless fight,
    It knows it will not last.

Outside, it beckons to the wind -
    "Please do your part," it pleads.
"Stir up a storm like none before."
    And wisely the wind heeds.

Excitement static in the air
    The proud old house prepares.
Too stubborn to just rot away
    'Twill need no more repairs!

The rising winds bring forth the clouds,
    Stacked up for miles all 'round.
The house shakes in its readiness,
    And loosens up the ground.

I'm running now, for what comes next
    No mortal man should know.
Far down the lane I turn, look back,
    And see the spectral show.

The massive castles in the air
    Collide with one great roar.
The lightening stabbing at the house
    That soon would be no more.

The ground was shaking violently,
    The castle all ablaze.
The heavens let loose all their hell,
    I stood up in a daze.

My senses reeled at what I saw,
    I clutched my ears in pain.
The house was not quite finished yet,
    That was very plain!

Then as a final last resort,
    Which claimed the castle's life,
The bowels of the earth spewed forth
    Their part to end the strife.

Dazed and battered, unbelieving,
    I cautiously arose.
The moon was rising overhead,
    It understands, it knows.

The soft and silver light it cast
    Upon the battle scene
Was Nature's way of making up
    For all that there had been.

All that remained upon the site
    Where the castle stood,
Were smouldering relics of the past,
    Destroyed, erased for good!

JDP 70/03/11

Copyright John D Porter © 1970

Written for English IVA (Mr. Ted Winters)
Mill Hill School, London

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