240 Edgware (Radius, Ulna, compound)

are precious. Paperbacks
were all we could afford. We
held them and read them
at angles acute, in any light; we
posted paperbacks, as ballast, with
our letters: no
spine creased, not a cover bent,
no mark, no annotation, save
a signature, and date.

"The Day Of The Triffids"
Jack - Sept 1970

-- just before
I started crossing
the stems of my sevens,
for good, just before
I jumped
from a moving bus.

Lower right corner of the
cover: triangular crease, propagating
through page 20. To the right, page

21: "The End Begins" a smudge
in the crotch, a thumb-smudge, right
hand. The words can still be read. Lower
right, a field of tiny perforations, made
by crystals of sand. The sand
is gone, but there are
dark, vertical
streaks of loam.
Page 23:The same
as 21, except for a single, larger
perforation, the imprint
of a small grey piece of slate. The
pebble is gone, but
under a microscope, the fibres of the paper
are clearly scored, in parallel lines.
The chapter ends, page 24,
the markings

JDP 98/08

Copyright John D Porter © 1998

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