John D. Porter

Many of these poems were inspired by an actual event, or by
the memory of an experience. Some were triggered
by something seen, or by something heard,
or by a taste or a scent or a touch.

Please note that the poetry on this page may not be suitable for children.

For Greg

Lenny Breau, Live--Ottawa (Le Hibou)



Slow Dance At Dawn In The Church Of Funk: Burning Man 2002


Poems About Hands
With These Hands: Caladan4.
Mojave Desert, California. Summer Solstice. Full Moon. 3 a.m

With These Hands: Burning Man.
Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Late Summer. Mid-Afternoon.

With These Hands: A Man Goes Down.
Moscow Road, London W2. Autumnal Equinox. Noon.


Mea Maxima

Starfall, Live


You're OK and I'm Glad

Picnic Snaps

Now I Lay Me
    Featured in Poetry News (June 2000)




Morning. Berkeley. Cusp.



Carol's Hands. Carol's Face.
(1998/10, rev. 1998/11)
    Featured in Poetry News (June 2000)

Troia, Live

Garbage, Live

Tori Amos, Live
    Featured in Poetry News (June 2000)

Makiko Esumi, Sitting By A Window

Fracture Poems
240 Edgware (Radius, Ulna, compound)
Cenotaph (Tibia, Medial Maleosis, compound)
Compound Right-Hander (Scapula, Acromion)
Headlong (Fibula, Lateral Maleosis, greenstick)

Shonen Knife, Live

Free Range Eggs

A Poem About A Little Mermaid

Kyoto Poems
Nanzen-ji: Konchi-in
Backstreet, Gion
    Featured in Poetry News (June 2000)
Geisha, Midnight, Gion

Summer -- Reruns, Sequels

The Opium Eater And The Maiden Fair
    This poem was inspired by a poem, "waste," written by Robin Sommo, posted in rec.arts.poems.

Alida Valli, Walking

What My Father Killed, I Made Meat

New Math



Altar Boy


Enfants au Paradis

Summer of '65

Undercover S.K.A., Live

I Have A 12-Year-Old Girl In My Crosshairs

My Lai

    This poem was inspired by a line written by }Angel{, posted in rec.arts.poems.

Magnolia, Grey As Ashes


Valentine For Sylvia
    Published in Doug Clark's Lynx: Poetry From Bath

Devonian Tarmac Apres La Deluge

I'm Bummed, But Maybe I Should Feel Fortunate And Flattered



All I Remember From A Previous Life


Mail Call

Maybe Tawana Brawley Lived A Couple Of Thousand Years Ago


Evening Commute

Late Afternoon, November

Tanya Donelly, Live

The Lords of Acid, Live


The Art Of Perfect Diving
The Science Of Perfect Diving

Nobel Induction

Head Shot

Magnolia Leaves, Sudden Breeze, October Moon



I Met This Stripper In Dallas
    Published in Agnieszka's Dowry Vol. 7 in the Fridge Magnets

    This poem is a variation on a poem written by my friend, Jim Standish,
    "Reflections on a Shiny Ten-Speed."
    Jim's poem is also reprinted here, by permission.

I Was Drinking With The Engineers On Friday Night

Hollow Birds
    Also posted in Jennifer Ley's hypertext poetry and graphics mazepages:
    The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks

I Met This Model
I Met This Model (2)
I Met This Model (3)

Aerogel (2)
(rev. 1997/08)

Repeat Infection

Sneaking Benyllin

Link Wray, Live


Pseudo-ku Poems
Cafe, Berkeley 1
Cafe, Berkeley 2
Cafe, Berkeley 3
Lilith Fair, San Francisco
Top Fuel Trials, Sears Point
Dick Dale, Live
Berkeley Nocturne
Under Campanile, Winter

Original Sin


Integration By Parts (I Love You)

Kittens And Puppies

Sleeping, Breathing, Dreaming, Drowning
    Published in The Bard's On-Line Anthology (October 1997, now defunct)

Moving Day, Generic (Ver. 1964.1)




Slow Dog

Born Before My Mother

Frames Of Reference
    Published in E-zine Makar, Winter 1997 (Vol 3)





Kissed By A Honey Bee

    A surviving piece of juvenilia.

The Castle
    My oldest surviving piece of juvenilia, recently unearthed by a family member.

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In Spring '97, I spent an enjoyable afternoon with some r.a.p. poets,
listening to and reading poetry. David Huang took some pictures.
I'm the guy with the red hair, black shirt and blue jeans in the middle of
this one, getting ready to read Helium.

Jim Standish started the "Legends Cafe" poetry readings
in Palo Alto and David was there, with camera. Alas, this series came to
an abrupt end but, happily, has found a new home in Palo Alto as "Dolce Poesia."
David Huang gave me this picture. I was reading Sting.

The '99 SF Bay Area Poetry Picnic, held in early May and organized by Dancing Bear,
was a heady mix of poetry, food & wine (thanks, Zoe), wind and sunshine.
Again, David H was there, with camera.
In this one, I am reading I Met This Stripper In Dallas.

Many years ago, I coordinated an informal Usenet/Internet research project
into the "Parker Hulme" murder case, the subject of Peter Jackson's acclaimed
and Award-winning film "Heavenly Creatures."

What does this have to do with poetry? Plenty, as it happens.
Why not pop over to Adam Abrams' page and find out the fascinating details?

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