Print out 1 copy of the proper layout form for each cover and spine you want hotstamped. 

Print your instructions clearly in block capital letters. Please make your wishes idiot proof. 

Show your desired wording on the layout form in the exact location you would like it to appear. 

Indicate the desired font and point size at each location. 

Attach your layout form to the appropriate spine or cover with rubber bands. 

Album covers or spines which are to be identically stamped should be joined with a rubber band and the layout form as there is a discount available duplicate stamping. 

Print out a copy of the payment form

Visit the pricing page, calculate your cost, and fill in the payment form. 

Enclose your payment form, your layout forms, your covers and spines, and your check or money order or credit card information made payable to Hoover's Scrapbook Stamping Service and mail them to me. 

36 Point Block

30 Point Block

18 Point Block


36 Point Script

30 Point Script

18 Point Script

Usually, 36 point type is used on the covers of large albums, either 1/3 or 1/2 of the way from the top. 


30 point type is used on medium or small album covers or on spines. 



18 point type is used on the lower right hand corner of the album cover.

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