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Frequently Asked Questions  

Email me any questions that you may have about my business. 
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General Questions 

Q: How long does it take? 
A: It takes approximately 1 week for the album to be stamped plus shipping time. 


Q: Do I have to ship you the entire album? 
A: NO..Please, only send the portion to be stamped. (the cover and/or spine) 

Q:  Can you stamp all brands of scrapbooks? 
A:  No.  And I am very sorry.  I have been very busy stamping all albums that I can get my
    hands on trying to see what I can and cannot stamp.  It seems that albums that are made of    
     "cheap" material does not stamp.  We have beautifully stamped on Creative Memories, Dalee, 
     Francis Meyer and Westrim.  We are still working on DOTS/Close to My Heart.  Any others,  
     I can only give you my expert opinion, based on what I have seen from other albums. 


Q:  Does this mean you will not accept other albums for stamping? 
A:  No.  You are welcome to send any album to me at any time.  I will give you my best idea of  
     what the final product will be.  For some albums, I automatically know the outcome will be  
     beautiful.  For other albums, I will give you my expert opinion on how I think they will turn 
     out, and you can decide whether to continue with the stamping. 

Billing Questions 

Q: Do you accept credit cards? 
A: Yes, I accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. 

Q: Since this is not a secure site, how do we give you our credit card info. 
A: You can give it to me over the phone by calling our number collect.  That number is    610-285-4611. 

Shipping Questions 

Q: If I ship my cover to you, how will it be returned to me? 
A: I ship US Postal Service, First Class, insured for the value of the album. 


Q: Who pays the shipping cost when I mail my album to be stamped? 
A: You pay all shipping costs. 

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