Hoover's Scrapbook Stamping Service
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As a photo album or scrapbook enthusiast you have spent hours decorating the inside pages of your albums.  I can help you personalize the outside. By using a stamping press, I can imprint letters using assorted foils directly on your album covers and spines. This process known as Hotstamping will give the finished look to your albums. As an avid scrapper, I know what your albums mean to you and will handle them as if they were my own.  

To have your albums personalized, you simply send me your covers and I will ship them back completed in two weeks or less. To insure proper stamping of your album, please follow the detailed Instructions. 

Before you decide what to put on your album, be sure to visit the Samples page and see some of my work. 

Frequently Asked Questions regarding my service. This is a great area to find out additional information on shipping and billing. 

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