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We plan our next litters from Dakota by Beckett and Kiki by Trystan.

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Barrett (Seal Mitted Female)


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The Ragdoll Breed
The Ragdoll breed was created in California in the mid-60s from non-pedigreed random bred cats.
The Ragdoll got his name because he will go limp in your arms like a rag doll. This may be something of an exaggeration, but Ragdolls are bred to be sweet and people oriented. Ragdolls want to be with their families all the time and will follow you from room to room.
Ragdolls are large and cuddly, with a very soft medium long coat. Compared to longhair breeds like Persians and Himalayans, their coats require little care. Show cats are bathed and brushed, but a Ragdoll will look beautiful without much care of the coat from you.

Ragdoll Colors and Patterns
All Ragdolls have the same body type, blue eyes and points (darker ears, face, feet and tail), but they have different point colors and color patterns. All of our litters can contain the traditional point colors of seal and blue.
There are three traditional color patterns and our litters, except for the bicolor mothers, also may contain all of them. The bicolor mothers can have mitted and bicolor kittens. The patterns are:
Colorpoint: point colored mask, ears, legs and tail;
Mitted: point colored mask, ears, tail and front legs, white mittens on front feet and white boots on back feet, white chin, ruff and stomach stripe and may have white blaze on face; and
Bicolor: white inverted "v" on the mask, white legs, ruff and stomach with point colored ears, tail and saddle.
You can see examples of the patterns on the Ragdoll Patterns page.

Our Cattery
We have had cats since 1969. We have always preferred blue eyed, pointed cats and our first were a pair of Siamese males. In 1980, after two years of waiting, we got, as a pet, a show quality seal mitted male Ragdoll from Blossom Time cattery in California. We named him Browning after Robert Browning. Browning introduced us to the wonderful Ragdoll breed - large, lovable, loving and loyal, with a beautiful non-matting very soft coat.
In 1995, we got our first ever female - Barrett (named after Robert Browning's wife, Elizabeth Barrett Browning). She was of breeding quality and such a beautiful Ragdoll, a seal mitted with an expressive face and deep blue eyes, that we decided to let her have at least one litter as part of the breeding program of her breeder, Tric Brissette of Mt Hope Ragdolls. At that time, we thought we might have one or maybe even two litters and then "retire." But one thing led to another and now we have the cattery.
Elizabeth Barrett's family lived at 50 Wimpole Street in London. Thus, the name of the cattery.
Our breeding Ragdolls have been bred by Tric Brissette of Mt. Hope (who is our first and primary breeding mentor), Denise Christensen of Dollchateau, Gloria Saul of Baby Dolls, Julia & Gary Dent of Dreamdolls, Margaret Trahan of Cherryhill and Sue & Bill Shorey of SuPurr Ragdolls. Our thanks to each.
Our cats are our pets first and foremost and we do not cage them. Our kittens are raised underfoot and under covers with daily personal attention and love.
Our Ragdolls come from lines with top show success and otherwise have very strong lineages.
The International Cat Association ("TICA") is the largest registry of Ragdolls. Our kittens are registerable as SBT (Stud Book Traditional) Ragdolls in TICA. We are members of Ragdoll International ("RI") and Ragdoll Fanciers Club International ("RFCI").

Each of our females is bred approximately once a year, so there are periods in which all of our kittens are committed. Our kittens are usually under deposit before they are born, but we sometimes have a kitten available on shorter notice. Since all of our Ragdolls are our pets, when they retire from breeding they stay with us. We do not have retired breeders available for pet homes.

Visits to see our cats can be made by appointment. We prefer to have visitors when we have a litter that is between six and twelve weeks old so that both kittens and adult Ragdolls can be seen. We avoid visits when we have pregnant queens or unvaccinated kittens.

Prices and Deposits
Contact us for prices. (In addition to the price, Massachusetts sales tax is payable.)
A small refundable deposit will put you on a waiting list for the next kitten that we make available and that meets your preferences. We expect the refundable deposit when we agree to hold a particular kitten for you to pick up. We only want our kittens to go to families that are completely satisfied with them and we will return any deposit on request. We ask that those not intending to wait for a kitten from us not give us a deposit.

We do not ship.

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