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\'skw*r(-*)l, 'skw*-r*l\ n [fr. Gk skiouros, fr. skia shadow + oura tail] 1: any of various small or medium-sized rodents (family Sciuridae) 2: damn fine eatin' (Southern US dialect).

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A self-described "complete renaissance accountant," Jane Abbott graduated from Kent State (home of the   black squirrels) in 1986 with the world's first and only dual major in Accounting and English Literature.  Hobbies include (at the moment) archery, music performance, textile arts, and gardening.  She lives in Cleveland with a husband and four cats. As an accountant, she admires squirrels for their industriousness and thrift (well, actually they hoard commodities, i.e. acorns, and then loose track of their inventory and lose most of it to spoilage...never mind).
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Asky the Squirrel
(found scampering around Usenet)