Mail-order Nurseries(continued)
Old House Gardens focuses on heirloom plants.   I have no personal experience with this supplier. They sell many very unusual plants; the catalogue provides introduction dates (earliest record of a plant) which look reasonable.  According to their literature, Old House Gardens sells a couple of 17th-century  tulip varieties imported from the Hortus Bulborum botanical garden in the Netherlands.  (The Hortus Bulborum is a garden dedicated to preserving old varieties of flowers grown from bulbs.) 
They carry  at least one heirloom tulip (named "Zomershoon") that is infected with  the mosaic virus. Tulips with this virus are called "broken tulips," because the virus causes the bulb to produce flowers with mottled or "broken" colors. The Old House Gardens catalogue states that the mosaic virus is harmless.  I am not sure about that and need to do more research before buying Zomershoon. 
Jackson & Perkinsspecializes in roses and perennials.  They sell healthy, good-sized plants, but the selection is mainly modern hybrids. Jackson & Perkins carry the Austin "English roses" along with their own version of "English roses."  This new type of rose resembles the old Rosa centifolia.
John Scheepers, Inc. sells exclusively bulbs, including many unusual varieties and cultivars.
For the heirloom varieties, the catalogue provides introduction dates which look reasonable.
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