Local Nurseries
Local nurseries can be a good source for heirloom plants (except bulbs--see below).  Some nurseries specialize in certain plants.  Check the nursery advertisements in the Yellow Pages.  The discount nurseries (like Kmart and Home Depot) do not carry a wide selection of plants.  They focus on plants that are inexpensive and popular.
Look for a complete description of the plant on its tag (genus, species, and variety or cultivar, if applicable).  Be leery of plants labeled with only a common name.  Different species within a genus or even plants belonging to different genera (genii?) can have the same common name. 
In general, local nurseries are not recommended as a source for bulbs (tulips, narcissus, lilies, fritillaries, alliums, hyacinths, scillas, eranthis, etc.).  They have a poor selection, and the bulbs are often dried out from sitting at room temperature in a showroom.
The Lily of the Valley Herb Farm, located in Minerva, Ohio, has a huge selection of herbs and other plants (720 varieties).  They will mail their catalogue upon request.  Unfortunately, they do not sell by  mail order.
Their address is:
The Lily of the Valley Herb Farm
3969 Fox Avenue, Minerva, Ohio 
Phone (330) 862-3920
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