Do it all. Capture video clips and music. Record live, or schedule recordings to happen later. Automatically convert to 36 different video and audio formats, including iPod Video, iPod Audio and iPod Audiobook. Use the integrated Media Guide to pick radio and TV shows and stations. And best of all, Replay A/V is really easy to use. 

How to record streaming Audio & Video
Replay A/V

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Replay A/V : Record Audio and Video Streams to your PC
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Test it now: To record your video or audio feed,
  • First play a movie or song start to finish so it is in your PCs cache
  • Open Replay A/V
  • Click on "Record" in the top tool bar
  • then select the first line "Stream Capture Audio or Video Clips"
  • Highlight your stream
    • A Very nice feature is you can skip the commercials
  • test with the "preview" button
  • Click "Add Selection as New Recording"
  • Give it a name in the "Name of Show" box

After it finishes, you can find it on your hard drive: Click “Settings” then “Folder” to see where it put the file… or specify your own directory path such as “C:\My AudioVideo\_Replay AV\”



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