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Black Friday 2007
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Sales listings for Black Friday 2007:
(more stores will be added to this list as news arrives)
    TomTom ONE LE GPS - $119.99
    Best Buy Sony Laptop - 1GB, DVDRW, 120GB - $399.99 &
    Sony DVD Camcorder Package $319.99

    Best Buy Panasonic 42" Flat Screen Plasma HDTV - $899.99  - Kodak 6 MP Camera - $99.99

    Search for "Black Friday 2007 COMPUTERS "  or LCD TV, etc


    Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Black refers to ink color. Most retailers don't show a profit for the year until this day after Thanksgiving. It is also a time for great bargains.

    15% off any single item at USA,, Inc.Sharper Image

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    Sales listings for Black Friday 2006:

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