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In this factual account,  Joe W. offers his friend Chad a new snowboard (worth $500.00) if  he will just eat one quart of mayonnaise in one sitting and hold it down for 15 minutes.   Later, Joe B. arrives.               -All photos by Joe W. except where noted.

Let pictures load....trust me, it's worth it. 
Chad visualizes his new snowboard, the glistening white-            Way, hey, up she rises!  One  spoonful and Chad's
ness of the Cascade slopes hissing beneath his prize....                chummin' the fish!

Hey, Joe, where ya goin' with that spoon in your hand?

Enter Joe B:  Money is nothing to him; his Mom would give him $150.00 just for the asking.  But, tempted by the Mayo Challenge-- the offer of $150.00 to eat a quart of mayo--, he falls into the deep, deep well of lust and takes in hand the spoon of  whoredoms.  Under the terms of THIS challenge, if he fails to eat the whole quart, he must smear what's left on his head and face.  The final scene is left to the  imagination as the curtain of charity is drawn over it.

THE THINKER:  It's not what goes into a man's mouth          Joe caves in  and falls upon the spoils.  Rows and flows
that defiles him...........no.  It's what goes into his EYES.          of pre-fab pus enter into him.................and it was night.

          HEY, I CAN DO IT!  THIS IS FUN ! !                               BREATHE THROUGH YOUR NOSE, JOE!

What's down in the well comes up in the bucket:  Joe                Mark & Matt fight  back chunks while viewing photos
blows lunch, along with some green stuff (top of  photo)            chronicling the MAYO CHALLENGE.        AMH photo

Joe W.,   Perpetrator of the Mayo Challenge,  dines          Captain FishHead, webmaster extraordinaire, 
on swine ("ribs", to the layperson), while planning  his             prepares a savoury stew of intelligent food for his family.
 next foray.                                                .- AMH photo                                                                                  -photo by Leif

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