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New!  Arne's Gig Harbor Digitarium Scenes you'd like to see...

Snoqualmie FallsThe only waterfall most Seattlites will ever see. Mount IndexEverest conqueror Jim Whittaker nearly bought it on this one.  He wanted to save a 35 cent piton.  Gig Harbor The mountain in the background is dangerous, but the residents of Orting and South Prairie will be awakened by 9 sirens so they won't die in their sleep.

     Another viewGag Harbor  Deadman's Deadman's Island (Local Realtors don't call it that).          LaterView of Deadman's Island from nearby a waterfront house that in 1971 rented for $75 per month.

    Cheap Thrills The sail for this boat cost 88 cents plus scrap wood and labor.       Endeavor This boat uses an engine.         Author What are YOU looking at?


           Hylebos Honestly, have you ever seen a picture like this one?       Cranes Ever wonder why these are called cranes?            More Flowers turn to face the sun...

            Activity Machines shown here ignoring a fellow machine burning across the Hylebos waterway.        Little Toot Local tug assists log ship that will remove more of your children's inheritance from our shores.   Not a scratch Motor Voter smashes into train;  escapes without a scratch.

Puyallup River These bridges are in the way if a big lahar comes down the Mountain.


   Brownsville Looking south from Yuk Mountain.             Again: This town used to have a sawmill.    And again: There used to be people walking around here.

       Yet again: In 1964 Rolf Herstad built Brownsville's first skateboard and rolled down this hill.          The dam: Brownsville dam diverts part of Calapooia River to form the millrace passing through town.    But Nessie! No, Nessie, I'm NOT going to kiss you.

   Sweet Home This town used to have sawmills.    Oregon hills Looking east from Pleasant Valley.             Coast An affordable view of the Oregon Coast.

         NewportYaquina bridge as a dog might see it.               FogWhite Wall.                         More coming later

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