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           My visit to theI forgot to floss...      dentist

                                             Hey kids! Glide cursor slowly over EACH picture for a SECRET MESSAGE !!!

'Possum will do, if cats are few...   Dr.Drillo drives to the office--- little things begin to suffer

                                                          . . . as in the past               There was no floss in the cave...

Injun Joe's knife is somewhere in this room...            The 220 was shut off for the picture.
 Dr.Drillo 's tool and sterilization room.                                      Dr. Drillo posing with  Old Sparky....

I hate Santa Claus.    Nurse, check out this guy's rhinofungus!   Nurse, we gotta cauterize him....hand me that steam iron.
Victim's head thawed by white lasar     "O, confusticate it! Hold still, will you?!"        Missed again..."Nurse, get me the GAS."

The GAS  "Now test it on that cat over there"....><((:>Barley corn, barley corn, injun meal shorts.  Spunkwater, spunkwater, swaller these warts!
The Gas                                                                                             Nothing goes to waste in Dr.Drillo's  office.
                                                                                                                  This cat will be used in a graveyard wart removal
I hate kids with dirty fingernails.Dr.Drillo wears a drool-catcher as he performs ministrations of terror on children who don't brush.
First,   Dr.Drillo   does your  fingernails. ><((:> This grinder is so loud you can't hear the screams.  Then he selects his tool: Drills made to look like asparagus...for the kids.

This is black & white because the Doctor accidently sucks the rods and cones from your eyes...                                It's always canning season at Dr. Drillo's...
   Then  he suctions out your brains, to shrink your head                                 This is where he cooks  your face.

Notice aluminum foil on chair to increase conductivity...               Why is the dentist smiling?

 Because your parents pay the bills, and so the dentist gets his money even if you're dead.

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