By Arne Herstad

Before...After...Lumber comes from trees...

                         Lumber comes from trees.  Men cut trees and saw them into lumber at sawmills.   Sawmills are
                         important because without them, men, women and children would have to sleep outside, in the rain.

First, the buyer buys the trees

             Then the logger logs them.  The logger pictured is called a "faller".  He falls the tree with a chainsaw.  Then he
             cuts off the limbs, bucks the log to length, and a truck comes to take the logs to a sawmill.

 Then the stacker stacks them...

The "log stacker" unloads the truck and carries the logs to the mill.

                      The "prentice" picks....                     The debarker debarks....                 The loaders load

Into the mouth of the mill go the logs, to the bandmill headrig

                        The carriage carries...                 The sawyer selects...                The saw saws...

The sawyer's view from inside his cockpit.

I am sorry, but I need you to feed my family...

The sawyer's view from inside his head...(glide cursor over picture)

                       The conveyors convey...             The edgers edge...                      The trimmers trim...

 All this is done for the benefit of mankind, to bolster us against the elements...

                        Not everyone agrees, of course.  Some who sleep indoors think it's okay to keep others from
                        enjoying the same rights.  They want to stop men from cutting down trees.  They think that by
                        pounding spikes into trees they can save the forests. The following photos depict the aftermath
                        of a bandsaw hitting a spike in a log.

Oh rama jama!Radicalized AmericanDown time is cleanup time...

When the saw hits metal, it sounds like it will kill everyone in the plant.  Imagine two jets colliding in midair, and you get the picture.  Not to worry, though.  The sawyer is protected by one thin pane of auto glass. Nothing will come through that glass unless God allows it, so save your spikes for building something useful.

Spikes in logs are common enough.  They slow, but never stop production. Millwrights remove the bent saw with a cutting torch.  On goes a new saw and the wheels of industry are turning again.

   If the tree huggers want something to do, then why not do something about this?

There they go!  A logship bound for the Orient loads America's  inheritance for foreign markets.

Where are the protesters?  Don't they want to save the forests?

I guess not!

Oh well.  I suppose they're all sleeping indoors tonight, like I am.  I shouldn't expect too much from them.  None of us can think of everything at once.  One day we'll all wake up.

                                       Dan fixes broken tooth...                                         
                                       Dan welds broken tooth                                        The real Dan, unmasked

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