New Mexico Rock Club Links

  1. Albuquerque Gem and Mineral Club

in Albuquerque

  1. Chaparral Rockhounds

in Roswell

  1. Clovis Gem & Mineral Society

in Clovis

  1. Deming Gem & Mineral Society

in Deming

  1. El Paso Gem & Mineral Society (in Texas, but close enough to be one of our own)
  2. Grant County Rolling Stones Gem & Mineral Society

in Silver City

  1. Lea Lap Rock & Mineral Club

in Hobbs

  1. Los Alamos Geological Society

in Los Alamos

  1. Roadrunner Gem & Mineral Club

in Carlsbad

  1. Rockamania Gem & Mineral Society

in Lordsburg

  1. San Juan County Gem & Mineral Society

in Farmington/Bloomfield

  1. Rio Rancho Rockhounds

in Rio Rancho

  1. The New Mexico Faceters Guild

in Albuquerque

  1. Gemcrafters & Explorers Club

in Las Cruces

  1. Sierra Rock Club

in Truth or Consequences

New Mexico Rock, Mineral and Gem Dealers

  1. Sunshine Studio operated by Arch & Challis Thiesson
  2. The Rock Hut operated by Jim and Irene Witmer (actually in Colorado now)
  3. Carousel Gems & Minerals operated by Betty & Al Tlush (now out of business)
  4. Ancient Stone Works operated by Jack & Mary Gentry
  5. Roadrunner Minerals operated by Phil & Eleanor Bove
  6. Gem Quest operated by Dennis Ott and Eileen Sanchez
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