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A limited number of copies of the AMERICAN DIGEST OF BUSINESS MACHINES (1924) is available.  Use the link on the home page to find out how to get your copy.


Logos changed many times during the years at Burroughs.  In some cases liberties seem to have been taken with the color and look of the logos, often in locations outside the U.S. The following logos were the most common..

American Arithmometer Company - Used until about 1905

Burroughs - Early - note the slash "o"

Burroughs underlined - Another early symbol

Circle B (RED)- Used from 1940s until about 1968

Circle B with Burroughs spelled out - Also used from 1940s until about 1968

"Circle B" plus the "Wherever There's Business...." trademark from a 1973 Advertising Department document

"Electronic" Burroughs - Used from 1985 to 1986 (merger date)

Burroughs Corporation