Burroughs Corporation
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Burroughs Corporation

The Burroughs Corporation actually came into existence through a company name change in 1953.  Prior to that it was the Burroughs Adding Machine Company.  The new name reflected the company's corporation status.

In early 1985, Burroughs unveiled its new corporate identity. The following was the press release at the time.


DETROIT, MICH., April 3, 1985 -- Burroughs Corporation, which is celebrating its 100th operating year, will launch its second century with a new corporate identity.  The new Burroughs will be identified by a distinctive new logo and logotype, new corporate colors (crimson and grey), and a bold new corporate positioning statement that will be the genesis of all future internal and external communications from the company.

In highlighting the new corporate identity program for stockholders attending the company's annual meeting here today, Burroughs Chairman W. Michael Blumenthal said, "we are one of the world's largest, most successful computer companies, with 65,000 employees in 100 countries and $5 billion in annual sales.

To exemplify all of this, we have created a new corporate symbol.  It is more than a new logo.  It is a statement of our strong position in the industry.  Overall, this new corporate identity will bring a coherence and discipline to our image and our communications and will reinforce the world's understanding of Burroughs as a strong and growing force.

I hope that you, as stockholders, will share our pride in this bold new concept.

Burroughs' new corporate identity is the result of an intensive one-year survey of the perceptions of the company by its own management, by major customers and prospective customers worldwide, by the investment community, by the press and by the public at large.  What we derived from this was a better sense of the Burroughs position, both in our own thinking and in the minds of our marketplace, Mr. Blumenthal said.

The survey revealed, among other things, that

Burroughs has a hundred years of specialized experience.

The company now provides total solutions of hardware, software, and service that gives customers what they need to remain competitive and profitable.

Burroughs meets a complete range of general business needs and, in specific lines of business, has the depth of experience to provide specific solutions.

The company is a major supplier of office and data-processing products and supplies.

Burroughs has acquired businesses -- such as Memorex (which offers advanced storage devices for Burroughs and other vendor's systems) and Systems Development Corporation (which serves the U.S. Government market) -- that have helped to assure broad market coverage.

With all this evidence that Burroughs is fast becoming a new and more formidable factor in the information-processing industry, Mr. Blumenthal said, "We concluded that our company needed and, indeed, had earned a new corporate identity."

The program will be phased in over the next three years."

A year later Burroughs became Unisys Corporation.

Revenue, employees by year:
Year Revenue (000) Employees
1964 392 34000
1965 459 35000
1966 494 35000
1967 554 42000
1968 655 45000
1969 759 53000
1970 893 47000
1971 943 41000
1972 1052 42000
1973 1284 47000
1974 1532 52000
1975 1702 52000
1976 1901 ?
1977 2126 ?
1978 2460 54000
1979 2831 57000
1980 2902 57000
1981 3405 67000
1982 4186 62000
1983 4296 64000
1984 4808 65000
1985 5037 61000
1986 7432 98000
1987 9712 93000
1988 9902 93000
1989 10096 82000
1990 10111 75000
1991 8696 60000
1992 8421 54000
1993 7743 49000
1994 7399 46000
1995 6342 37000
1996 6371 33000
1997 6636 33000
1998 7208 33000