Glee Harrah Cady

Glee's photo This is me with longer hair than I have now.   Itís a photo taken to put into conference brochures and things like that.   Itís hard to think of me as looking like this. Always amusing, no? An image that looks more like I look now is the one on the right. Glee 2000

This page is a simple index into web pages that I have stored here.

For example, here's my resume.

Here's the page that I built to accompany the Sybex Book Internet for Kids in 1995. Here's a fun page I built to illustrate varied pop-culturally interesting pages available on the Internet. It was named after a Frank Zappa opera called 200 Motels and prepared in celebration of the 200th point of presence that we opened on the NETCOM network. 200 Pop Culture Sites. Unfortunately, what these pages most illustrate is the continually changing nature of the web.

And hereís a page with gathers together some talks that I gave about using the Internet during 1995 and 1996. They are interesting for historical perspective.

Woody, Cathy, Kevin, Brian And hereís a nice picture of my family: This one was taken in Italy in 1993. My late brother-in-law, Woody Cady is the photographer standing at the left. Woody almost always had a camera in front of his face.Cathie, his wife is next, and then my sons Kevin and Brian. It was a warm summer day. The point in the background is Punta Ala on the coast of Tuscany.

I'm either a writer with a great deal of technical experience or a technically adept person who writes. My friend, Pat McGregor, and I have written three books about the using the Internet to communicate one's messages, whether they are personal or business oriented. The first, Mastering the Internet from Sybex, was distributed in two editions. The second, Web Browsing with NETCOM NetCruiser from Prima, was written to to try help people use NetCruiser to accomplish their own goals. The third, published by Que in December 2001 is called Protect your Digital Privacy: Survival Skills for the Information Age. Here's a separate page about it. I'm interested in science fiction and fantasy, mysteries, and historical fiction when I read for pleasure. I am a particular fan of Dorothy Dunnett. On the Net, I'm particularly interested in public policy.

This page was cobbled together on 11 January 2002.