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Library Log

Welcome to The Genealogy Timeline!  The easiest way to record a variety of events and detailed descriptions of your family's history!  You can even include historical events that occurred during your ancestor's lives - while easily merging the information with your family's history.  Your Timelines will display specific dates and as much or as little detail as you want to describe each event.



How We Got Started

Several years ago, we developed a Timeline database for our own personal use in our genealogical research of the Rowe Family of Nassau County, Florida.


We found that most of the available genealogy software was great for recording family information - primarily the vital statistical information - and for organizing this information according to family relationships, pedigree charts, family group sheets and family trees.


However, there was no easy way for us to include family stories, information on "suspected" family members, oral histories, and - most importantly - specific information on historical events that were important to us.  And, at the time, these software programs offered only limited space to record certain types of information.  If we wanted to include a complete transcription of a Land Record or of a Will, we had to use a variety other software.


So we began to develop our own database.  We started by looking at the different Type Events we wanted to record.  Then we realized we were collecting information about several different Relationships - or family lines.  Plus we wanted to record a variety of historical information - including presidential administrations; monarchies; inventions and discoveries; wars and rebellions; epidemics and disasters.


How do we organize the recording of such a variety of information
without having to go from one screen to another on our computer?


We decided to use the "Who, What, Where, and When" approach to classify/categorize each event.  As a result, ALL of our events - personal and historical - are recorded in one place -- the Timeline.


Then, we designed Reports (a selection of printed Timelines) so that we could select the specific information we want - whether for a specific person; family group; place; period of time; or a specific type event.  We can print our entire database or a timeline for one individual.  We can select a report listing only our information - as an example - on Lee's surrender at Appomattox; or Marion's Men; or just the events that took place in New Bern, NC or the events that took place in Alachua County, FL.  There are over 60 type Reports to choose from!


Of course, we also needed a way to easily cite our sources.  We designed the Library Log so that we could record our source documents - one time, in one place - and then have a list of all of our sources immediately available as we record events in the Timeline


As we continued to use The Genealogy Timeline, we decided to expanded the Library Log to include a way for us to keep track of where we have filed our documents.  This feature alone has now become our most valuable genealogical tool!


Over time, our database developed into quite a handy program; not only as a Timeline that includes both family and historical events, but as an analytical tool and a great system of organizing our files!



Now, The Genealogy Timeline program is available for sale!

The Genealogy Timeline complements your current genealogy software.  The purpose and function of these two programs are distinctly different.  The Genealogy Timeline traces your ancestors in the context of time.  It was not designed, nor does it pretend to organize your ancestors in trees or outlines.


And - there are over 300 historical events already included in The Genealogy Timeline.  They are provided to help give you ideas of the types of things that can be included with your own family’s history.  You can delete any or all of them if you want.


Why wait?  Click Here to order today for only $49.95 plus shipping and handling!  We offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not totally satisfied.



System Requirements

Pentium processor with 75 MHz or higher

Windows 95 or higher

CD-ROM drive

VGA or higher resolution monitor; Super VGA recommended

24 MB of RAM (memory)

Maximum of 150 MB of hard disk space;
less depending on your computer's current configuration.


To learn more about this totally unique program, check out the information listed in the three main areas of The Genealogy Timeline:



The Timeline is where you will enter the information that describes a particular event such as a birth, marriage, land purchase, probate record, or family story about your ancestors - or of an historical event.  You can keep track of one family or several family lines.  And -- the information you enter in the Timeline is searchable - so that you can find just the record you want!


Click Here to view a sample screen and description of the Timeline.


Library Log

The Library Log is the best way to cite your sources and to organize your files!  You automatically create a concise list of the documents you have already reviewed - for reference when you are researching in the field.  In addition, the Library Log System will help you stay organized and be able to find where you have stored any of your documents within a matter of minutes!


Click Here for more information on the Library Log!



As you enter your information into the Timeline, many of the fields in the Timeline screen are used to actually "classify or categorize" each event.  While you enter all of your information in one place (the Timeline), you can extract your information in hundreds of different ways - creating specific Timelines.


You can print a timeline for one individual; for an entire family, or for several family lines.  Or you can print a timeline for a specific city, a specific county, a specific state, or a specific country.  The variations seem endless!  You can literally print hundreds of timelines, based on the criteria you choose.


Click Here for more information on Reports!



Timeline Library Log Reports

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