The ancestry of Abraham ZIMMERMAN of Wattenwil, Canton Bern, Switzerland
is uncertain. Until 1660 when it had its own church, Wattenwil was part of
the church parish of Thurnen (now Mühlethurnen).  No baptismal record appears
at either location for Abraham.  Julius Billeter believed that he was born about
1663, the son of Hans ZIMMERMANN and Babara von NIEDERHÜSEREN.52 It is unknown
on what he based that, but it was perhaps because Abraham was a sponsor in 1680
for the baptism of Christina, daughter of Bendict von Niderhüsern and
Christina (nee) von Niderhüseren.2

Another possibility is that Abraham may have been the son of Hans ZIMMERMANN and
wife Anna BÄLER who married on 2 Dec. 1659 at Wattenwil.1 While the Wattenwil
marriage register begins in June 1659, the first baptismal entry on page 1 was on
30 Sep. 1660, and labeled as baptism #42.  The earlier 41 baptisms do not appear
in the register, but were presumably from 1659 until late Sep. 1660.  Evidence
suggesting that Hans ZIMMERMANN and Anna BÄLER may have been Abraham's parents
1. Hans ZIMMERMANN and Barbara von NIEDERHÜSEREN were married on 14 Sep. 1663.1
   Billeter incorrectly listed the marriage as 1662. Their first child was Bendicht
   baptized on 9 Dec. 1664,2 so there would not have been time for Abraham to have
   been born between the marriage and Bendicht, unless Abraham was born before the
   marriage. A 1663 birth for Abraham would not have been during the known gap
   in the Wattenwil baptismal register.
2. If Abraham was born in 1660, it could have occurred about Sep. 1660, nine
   months after the marriage of Hans ZIMMERMANN and Anna BÄLER and during the
   gap in the Wattenwil baptismal register. The first recorded baptism of a
   child of Hans and Barbara was Anna on 1 Jan. 1662.2
3. Hans and Anna also had a daughter Verena baptized in 1674.2 In 1704,
   Melker KISLIG and wife Verena ZIMMERMANN had a son Abraham baptized, for
   which two of the sponsors were Abraham ZIMMERMANN and Elsbeth ZIMMERMAN.2
   Verena, daughter of Hans and Anna was the only Verena of an age to have
   had a child in 1704. If Abraham was a son of Hans ZIMMERMAN and Anna BÄLER,
   then he was a sponsor for his sister Verena's son Abraham.
4. Abraham ZIMMERMANN and wife Elsbeth ZIMMERMANN had a BÄLER as a sponsor
   for four of their 8 children.

Abraham ZIMMERMAN m. 6 Feb. 1685 Wattenwil, Canton Bern, Switz.

children bap. at Wattenwil:
1. Abraham ZIMMERMAN bap. 4 Oct. 16852
2. Elsbeth ZIMMERMAN bap. 5 Nov. 16862
3. Anna ZIMMERMAN bap. 17 Feb. 16882
4. Christian ZIMMERMAN bap. 29 Sep. 16892
5. Barbara ZIMMERMAN bap. 20 Nov. 16912
6. Daniel ZIMMERMAN bap. 12 Nov. 1693;2 m. 1 Dec. 1724 Elsbeth BELER1 
   [BÄLER]; d. 23 Mar. 1785, bur. 26 Mar. 17853
7. Heinrich ZIMMERMAN bap. 14 June 16962
8. Hans ZIMMERMAN bap. 13 Oct. 17002

Daniel ZIMMERMAN and Elsbeth BÄLER had children bap. at Wattenwil:
1. Jacob ZIMMERMANN bap. 30 Sep. 1725;4 m.1. Anna MESSERLI 28 Sep.
   1759;5 m.2. Elsbeth ZIMMERMANN 13 Dec. 1776;5 d. night of 
   the 25/6 Oct. 1805 Wattenwil, bur. 28 Oct. 18053
2. Barbara ZIMMERMANN bap. 25 Apr. 17284
3. Daniel ZIMMERMANN bap. 21 Dec. 17314
4. Christian ZIMMERMANN bap. 7 Sep. 17384

Jacob ZIMMERMANN and Anna MESSERLI had children bap. at Wattenwil:
1. Christian ZIMMERMANN bap. 10 Aug. 1760;6 d. 23 May 17613
2. Christian ZIMMERMANN bap. 13 Nov. 1763;6 m. Susanna SÄGESSEMANN
   30 Mar. 1786;5 d. 1 Mar. 1824, bur. 3 Mar. 18243
3. Daniel ZIMMERMANN bap. 2 Nov. 1766;6 m. Anna SÄGESSEMANN 8 Apr.
   1791;5 d. 1 Sep. 18457
4. Anna ZIMMERMANN bap. 17 May 1772;6 bur. 13 Oct. 17723
5. Elsbeth ZIMMERMANN bap. 17 May 1772;6 d. 17 May 1772, 8 days old3

Jacob ZIMMERMANN and Elsbeth ZIMMERMANN had children:
1. Anna ZIMMERMANN bap. 2 Nov. 1777;6 d. 25 July 17823
2. Elisabeth ZIMMERMANN bap. 7 Feb. 1779;6 m. Christian STÜBI 17 Mar.
   1797;5 d. 23 Aug. 18357
3. Johannes ZIMMERMANN bap. 28 Oct. 1781;6 d. 13 June 17953

Christian ZIMMERMANN and Susanna SÄGESSEMANN had children bap. at 
1. Christian ZIMMERMANN b. 28 Aug. 1786;6 died young
2. Christian ZIMMERMANN b. 16 Mar. 1788;6 m.1. Anna BÄHLER 20 Apr.
   1812;5 m.2. Elsbeth (SCHMID) NUSSBAUM 3 Jan. 1823;5 d. 9 June 1846
3. Elisabeth ZIMMERMANN b. 7 Sep. 1790;6 d. 18 Jan. 1792 Wattenwil3
4. Daniel ZIMMERMANN b. 28 Nov. 1792;6 m. Maria BÄHLER 8 Oct. 1813;5
   d. 16 Oct. 1843 Tuscarawas Co., OH, bur. Ragersville Cem., Tuscarawas
   Co., OH8
5. Jacob ZIMMERMANN b. 31 Mar. 1795;6 d. 26 Jan. 1796 Wattenwil3
6. Jacob ZIMMERMANN bap. 4 Dec. 1796;6 d. 21 Jan. 1822 Wattenwil3
7. Johannes ZIMMERMANN b. 8 Dec. 1798;6 died young
8. Elisabeth ZIMMERMANN b. 7 Nov. 1799;6 d. 2 July 1804 Wattenwil3
9. Johannes ZIMMERMANN b. 7 May 1802;6 m. Elisabeth WENGER 14 Mar.
   1823;5,53 d. 1915/298,17 Dec. 1870, bur. Ragersville Cem., Tuscarawas Co., OH8

John (Johannes) ZIMMERMAN(N) and Elisabeth WENGER had children:
1. John S. ZIMMERMAN b. 9 Oct. 18239 Wattenwil10; m. Magdalena ZIMMERMAN
   21 Sep. 1848;13 d. 11 Feb. 19109 Canon City, Fremont Co., Colo;25
   bur. Hiawatha Cem., Brown Co., KS9
2. Elisabeth ZIMMERMAN b. 3 Oct. 1824 Wattenwil;10 m. Christian GRAF
   26 Feb. 1857;13 d. 9 Feb. 1874, Tuscarawas Co., OH20
3. Anna ZIMMERMANN b. 6 Sep. 1825 Wattenwil;10 d. and bur. 14 May 1826 
4. Anna ZIMMERMAN b. 17 Dec. 1826 Wattenwil;10 m. John HABEGGER 
   20 Feb. 1873;13 d. 14 Oct. 1903;17 bur. Ragersville Cem., Tuscarawas
   Co., OH8
5. Jacob ZIMMERMAN b. 19 Jan.11 or 9 Feb.23 1828 Wattenwil;11 m. Sarah Ann COLE
   27 Nov. 1861;21 d. 14 Nov. 1899, bur. Kelso Cem., Morris Co., KS23
6. Mary ZIMMERMAN b. 25 July 1829 Wattenwil;11,54 m. Christian KREBS
   17 June 1852;13 d. 21 June 1902;15,54 bur. Ragersville Cem.54
7. Christian ZIMMERMAN b. 31 Oct. 1830 Wattenwil;11 d. 2116/2417 Oct. 1850; 
   bur. Ragersville Cem.16
8. Gotlieb "George" ZIMMERMAN b. 3 Nov. 1833 Ragersville;12 m. Catherine A. 
   ZIMMERMAN 30 Mar. 1862;13 d. 3 Jan. 1911 Canal Dover, Tuscarawas Co.,
   OH, bur. Maple Grove Cem.14,55
9. Susanna ZIMMERMAN b. 7 July 1835 Ragersville;12 m. William TRAVIS
   12 Aug. 1858;13 d. 7 Jan. 1907 Martz, Clay Co., Indiana;19 bur. Martz Cem.51
10. Elias ZIMMERMAN b. 1012/1324 Nov. 1836 Ragersville;12 m. Anna BLATTER
    10 Mar. 1860;13 d. 15 May 1929, bur. Hiawatha Cem., Brown Co., KS24
11. Catherine "Kate" ZIMMERMAN b. 5 Feb. 1838 Ragersville;12,56 m. B. W. CHAPMAN
    10 Apr. 1873;13 d. 10 Oct. 1884,22,56 Bakersville, Coshocton Co., OH;
    bur. Ragersville Cem.56
12. David ZIMMERMAN b. 9 Sep. 1839 Ragersville;12 m. Elisabeth 
    COPPERSMITH 2 Jan. 1861;13 d. 23 Mar. 1864, Brandy Station, VA,
    bur. Ragersville Cem.25
13. Samuel ZIMMERMAN b. 5 May 1841 Ragersville;12 m. Sarah Jane ARION
    26 Sep. 1867;13 d. 24 Sep. 1908 Akron, Summit Co., OH18
14. Madlena [Magdalin] "Mattie" ZIMMERMAN b. 7 Feb. 1843 Ragersville;12,47
    m. David CONNELL 18 Apr. 1867;45 d. 26 Aug. 1916 Fort Wayne, Allen Co.,
    Ind.;46 bur. Hillcrest (formerly Ryerson) Cem., Pierceton, Kosciusko
    Co., Ind.47

Anna ZIMMERMAN had by unknown father(s) [not married] two sons who were
1. Daniel B. ZIMMERMAN b. 712/1126 Feb. 1847 Tuscarawas Co., OH;12 m.1.
   Saloma BUEHLMAN 18 Mar. 1869;13 m.2. Mrs. Anne E. (ZIMMERMAN)
   ZIMMERMAN 1875;26 d. 7 Oct. 1909 Mustang Twp., Oklahoma Co., OK;26
   bur. El Reno Cem., El Reno, Canadian Co., OK57
2. William Henry ZIMMERMAN b. 2927 Oct. 185428 Tuscarawas Co., OH; m.
   Martha Elizabeth TUCKER 25 Jan. 1880;29 divorced 1 Dec. 1919;30 d. 22 Dec. 1921
   La Madera, Rio Arriba Co., NM31

William Henry ZIMMERMAN and Martha Elizabeth TUCKER had children:
1. Lula May ZIMMERMAN b. 3 May 187832,50/7927 Whitley Co., IN; m. Jesse M. 
   IRWIN27 ca. 1897;50 d. 24 Dec. 1943 Alameda Co., CA43
2. Arta Beatrice ZIMMERMAN b. 13 Sep. 188032,50 Whitley Co., IN; m.1.
   Ulrich27,50 Z. RAND 21 Oct. 1899;48 m.2. Lucius M. DOBBINS;27
   m.3. John William MYNATT27,49 13 Sep. 1949;49 d. 7 Jan. 1969, Stayton,
   Marion Co., Ore., bur. Las Animas Cem., Bent Co., Colo.33
3. Fred Henry ZIMMERMAN b. 2 Nov. 188128,32 Whitley Co., IN; m. Bessie
   Ethelyn AMY 1 Sep. 1906;35 d. 7 Jan. 1938 La Junta, Otero Co., Colo.34
4. Frank William ZIMMERMAN b. 2 Nov. 1881;32 d. ca. 1886 Las Animas27
5. Osa Ida ZIMMERMAN b. 1 Aug. 188332 Whitley Co., IN; d. age 1427 
   bur. [unmarked] Las Animas Cem., Bent Co., Colo.42
6. Grace Ann ZIMMERMAN b. 12 Nov. 188428,32,50 Whitley Co., IN; m. Ephraim
   Hopkins LEWIS 15 July 1903;36,40 d. 16 May 1965, bur. Las Animas Cem.,
   Bent Co., Colorado37
7. Dora Flossie ZIMMERMAN b. 22 July 188628,32,60 Cawker City, Mitchell Co., 
   KS;60 m. Oscar JONES 2 May 1904;36,40 d. 4 Sep.1904,60 bur. Las Animas
   Bent Co.,  Colo.38
8. Emma Harriet ZIMMERMAN b. 737,61/1032 Nov. 188728,32 Las Animas; m. Charles
   Royal62 SHOEMAKER 17 July 1904;36,40 d. 23 Nov. 1906,61 bur. Las Animas Cem.,
   Bent Co., Colorado37
9. William George ZIMMERMAN b. 21 Dec. 188927,28,32 Las Animas; m. Rachel
   Alma OTTINGER 17 Sep. 1912;36,40 d. 19 Oct. 1953 Canon City, Fremont 
   Co., Colo.;39 bur. Lakeside Cem., Canon City58
10. Edward Franklin ZIMMERMAN b. 3 Apr. 189127,28 Las Animas; m. Ollie Mae
    MYNATT 10 June 1917;40 d. 15 Mar. 1960, bur. Las Animas Cem., Bent Co.,
11. Alice Leona ZIMMERMAN b. 1 Jan. 189327,28 Las Animas; m.1. Gale C. WHITE
    1 June 1911;40 m.2. Mr. NICKELL;41 d. 15 Dec. 1977 Colorado Springs,
    El Paso Co., Colo., cremated41
12. Thomas Eli ZIMMERMAN b. 4 Aug. 189432 Las Animas; d. 28 Feb. 1895
    bur. [unmarked] Las Animas Cem., Bent Co., Colo.42
13. Harry Homer ZIMMERMAN b. 18 Dec. 189527,28,32 Las Animas; m. 
    Gaile Lessie WISDOM;27,59 d. 27 May 1980 San Diego Co., CA43
14. Florence Edna ZIMMERMAN b. 2127/2232 July 189727,32 Las Animas; m. John D.
    HOPKINS 14 Sep. 1914;36,40 d. 4 July 1972 Enid, Garfield Co., OK44
15. Nellie Mildred ZIMMERMAN b. 18 June 189927,28,32 Las Animas; m. John 
    William MYNATT 29 Nov. 1917;36,40 d. 5 Feb. 1949, Stayton,
    Marion Co., Ore., bur. Las Animas Cem., Bent Co., Colo.33

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