In the Name of God Amen I John Wright of Yorkhampton
Parish in York County being sick and Weak of Body but of sound Perfect Mind
and Memory thanks be to Almighty God do make and ordain this to be my last
Will and Testament in manner and form following thaat isto say First I
bequeath my Sout to Almighty God who gave it me and my Body I Commend
to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executrix who is
my welbeloved Wife Ann Wright whom I appoint my whole and Sole
Executrix of this my last Will and Testament revoking and disallowing
of all other Will or Wills heretofore made by made meaning for my
Just Debts and funeral Expences to be paid by my said Executrix and my
Estate I give and bequeath as followeth first I lend unto mysaid Welbeloved
Wife Ann Wright my Negro Quando during the time she remains or continues my
Widow or not Marries and the rest of my whole Estate in any kind
whatever I lend unto my said Wife during her Widowhood or continues
my widow but in case she Marries then my Will and desire is that my
Estate may be equally divided amongst my said Wife and my Children
here after mentioned as meaing my Sons William, John, Dudley, 
Benjamin and my Daughter Elizabeth Wright all Born of the Body
to me of my said Welbeloved Wife Ann Wright to She them and their
Heirs forever and if either of the said Children should die while my said
Wife remains my Widow then Will and desire is that such Child or
Childrens part may be equally divided amongst my said Wife and
Children and so to continue amongst my said Wife and Children
meaning William, John, Dudley, Benjamin and Elizabeth Wright
to them and their Heirs furthermore I give unto my said Wife the
best feather Bed and furniture to her and her Use and my Will and desire
is that my Wife as long as she remains my Widow may give no
Security to Court for my Estate but only that a true and perfect
Inventory of my Estate may be taken and returned to Court with out
having the same Appraised or my Wife giving Security so long as
she remains my Widow I give unto the Heirs of my daughter Ann
Morland One Shilling Sterling and to my Son Edward Wright
One Shilling Sterling to my Daughter Mary Morris one Shilling
Sterling to my Daughter Sarah Marshall One Shilling Sterling
and lastly to my Daughter Elizabeth Morland and wife of Young
Morland one Shilling Sterling I also give unto my son Lawrence
Wright one Shilling Sterling In Testimony whereof I have
hereunto set my hand and Seal this fourteenth day of November 1751
Signed Sealed Published  and declared              the mark of 
to be the last Will and Testament of the          John   J   Wright (L.S.)
Testator in the Presence of us
    John Tenham
    R: Hurst
    Samuel Reade
At a Court held for York County the 20th day of November 1752.
This Will was proved by the Oathof Samuel Reade a Witness thereto
Sworn to by Ann Wright the Executrix therein named and Ordered to be 
recorded and at a Court held for the sd County the 18th day of December 1752
the said Ann Wright with John Wootten and John Harvey her Securities
entered into and acknowledged Bond for her due Admon. of the Estate of the
Decedent and performance of the said Will and on her motion Certificate
was granted her for obtaining a Probat in due form.
Examd         Teste  Thos  Everard 

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