Edward WRIGHT was old enough to have a child when he wrote his will. The name of his first
wife is not known. 

On 25 July 1646 he bound his crop of corn, tobacco, and cattle as secuirty to Thomas DEACON,
having agreed on 1 June 1646 for a maid servant to be paid 25 Dec. next. He signed with his mark
"EW".20  On 5 Nov. 1646 Deacon said in court that Edward WRIGHT "Did ly with Joane Evens his
servant mayde." Deacon was to make proof at the next court or stand censure.21 It should be
noted that servants were not allowed to marry, and that was probably why Edward WRIGHT wished to
buy her from DEACON, so they could be married. In marrying her, he also acquired the rights to
her transportation, which gave him the right to claim 50 acres of land for that transportation. 

On 3 July 1652 Edward WRIGHT received a patent for 50 acres of land in York County that was
due for the transportaion of Jone, the wife of Edward WRIGHT.22 For good consideration, he
"assigned" [sold] his rights in the tract to Gozen DELOINE on 29 Nov. 1657. He signed with his
mark, being "EW".  The record was acknowledged in court on 24 Apr. 1661 by Joane WRIGHT, relict
of Edward WRIGHT.23

Edward's will was written on 25 February 1659, although the date may have been copied
incorrectly into the record book, as there is evidence he died before then. The will was
recorded on 24 July 1667.  He left his son John WRIGHT his land, but if he died under age
then to other children.  To his grandson William GRAVES he left a cow & calf. His will was
signed with his mark "EW".24

Edward WRIGHT m. 1. -?- -?-
1. daughter WRIGHT m. -?- GRAVES24

Edward WRIGHT and Joane EVENS married about 1646 and had children:
1. Elizabeth WRIGHT25 m. John THOMSON about 1671;25
2. John WRIGHT24 b. ca. 1654; m.Judeth PLATT;4 d. 21 Nov. 1694 to 24 May 1695
   York Parish, York Co.,VA5

John WRIGHT and Judeth PLATT had children:
1. John WRIGHT b. ca. 1680; m.1.-?- -?-;1 m.2. Ann1 TENHAM;11 d. between
   14 Nov. 1751 and 20 Nov. 1752 Yorkhampton Parish, York Co., VA1 
   John's second wife Ann(e) secondly married William WILKS10 by 1754.26
2. Edward WRIGHT b. say 1685; m. Catharine;12 d. 13 July to 18 Aug. 1735 York Co.12

John WRIGHT and first wife [name unknown] had children:
1. Ann WRIGHT1 b. ca. 1705; m. Matthew MORLAND1; d. before 17359
2. Mary WRIGHT1 b. ca. 1708; m. John2,3 MORRIS1; living 1772;6
3. Sarah WRIGHT1 b. say 1711; m. -?- MARSHALL1
4. Edward WRIGHT1 b. say 1714; living 1752
5. Elizabeth WRIGHT1 b. say 1717; m. Young MORELAND1
6. Lawrence WRIGHT1 b. say 1720; d. 1753 York Co., VA8

John WRIGHT and second wife Ann TENHAM had children:
7. John WRIGHT1 b. say 1735;14 m. Elizabeth14
8. Dudley WRIGHT1 b. 21 Apr. 1737;7 York Co., VA; d. between
   16 Dec. 1760 and 21 Dec. 1761 York Co., VA10
9. William WRIGHT1 b. 1 Nov. 1740;15 m. Elizabeth LLOYD 25 Dec. 1768;15
   d. 29 Aug.1806 (sic, probably 1805) Fauquier Co., VA15
10. Benjamin WRIGHT1 b. say 1743;16 m. Lucy16 PATRICK;17 d. about 1793 York Co., VA18
11. Elizabeth WRIGHT1 b. say 1746
12. Nancy WRIGHT b. 25 Sep. 1751;13 d. before 14 Nov. 1751 York County.1

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Probate granted to Anne Wilks and John Wright with Robert Shield their security. 11. York Co., VA Wills and Inventories No. 18, 1732-1740, p. 240, FHL Microfilm 34410. John Tenham will written 9 Aug. 1735 and proved 17 Nov. 1735. Daughter Anne Wright; daughter Elizabeth Burt; son John; daughter Rebecca. Son John executor. Wit.: Samuel Reade, Richard Bellamy, Edmund Smith. Comments: There was an Edward Wright who died testate in York County in 1779 with a wife named Ann. According to Thelma Ironmonger Hansford, Wright of York County, Virginia, 1625-1850, (Manuscript by Hansford, 1987,FHL Microfilm 1728880) this Edward was the son of Edward who died in 1735. [See #12] That Edward did have a son Edward who was a minor, so his wife Ann could not be the Ann Wright named in her father John Tenham's will the same year. Lawrence Wright, child of John Wright by his first wife also married an Ann, but he had only two children who were minors at the time of his death in 1753. The marriage of Ann Tenham to a Wright would be too early for Lawrence. John Tenham [Jr.] was later a witness to the will of his brother-in-law John Wright's will written in 1751. If Hansford's identification of the Edward Wright who died in 1779 is incorrect, it is possible he was the Edward born say 1714, and the son of John Wright and his first wife. If so, he may be the Wright who married Ann Tenham rather than his father. 12. York Co., VA Wills and Inventories No. 18, 1732-1740 Part 1, p. 218, FHL Microfilm 34410. Edward Wright will written 13 July 1735; proved 18 Aug.1735 Son Edward, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Mary, "five children", wife Catharine executrix. Wit: Robt Armistead, John Wright, Woodhouse Wood. 13. John Vogt, Register of Bruton Parish, Virginia, 1662-1797, (Athens, Georgia: New Papyrus Publishing Co., 2004), p.7. 14. Landon C. 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