Mr. WOLFE father of:
1. Micahel WOLFE1
2. Lewis WOLFE1

Michael WOLFE died between 27 Nov. 1765 and 3 June 1766 when his will was
written and probated in Frederick Co., VA.1 He married ca. 1755 to
Maria Gertrud BRUMBACK, the widow of John Jacob NEUSCHWANGER.7  She died in
Shenandoah Co., VA about 1803.6 Michael is NOT, as claimed by some researchers,
the son of George Micahel WOLFE, Sr. of Lancaster Co., PA.2
1. Rebecca1,6 WOLFE b. ca. 1757;3 m. John Philip Jacob HELPHENSTINE3,6
   16 June 1776;3 d. 4 Mar. 1845 Fleming Co., KY14
2. Elizabeth1,5,6 WOLFE; never married, having a disordered mind;6 living 18176
3. Sarah1,6 WOLFE b. 1761;8 m. Jacob LOTZ6 22 Dec. 1782;4 d. 1837, bur. Wilkinsville
   Cem., Vinton Co., OH8
4. Rachel1,5,6 WOLFE b. 176018-176519; m. Peter WINDLE;5,6 living 1830 Fayette Co., OH18
5. Mary5,6 WOLFE b. ca. 1766; m. Peter HOFFMAN5,6 29 May 1787;4 living 1817

Mary Gertrud BRUMBACK married her first husband Jacob NEUSCHWANGER 5 June 1738
at Opequon.13  He died by 7 May 1754 when Mary NISEWANGER, his widow,
was granted administration of his estate.20
They had children:
1. John NISWANGER6,11 b. 20 Mar. 1742;14 m. Margaret11 d. 13 July 1821 Meigs Co., OH,
   bur. Village Hill Cem. (Lower Cemetery), Middleport, Meigs County, OH.14
2. Abraham NISWANGER12 b. say 1746;11 m. Margaret;16 d. before 3 Mar. 1785
   Frederick Co., VA15
3. [David NISWANGER]?21 b. say 1745-1750; d. before 5 Feb. 1805 Frederick Co., VA17
4. Christian NISWANGER;7 b. say 1753; m. Barbara7 SUPINGER;9 living 180210

1. Michael Wolfe will, Frederick Co., VA wills 3:338-339, FHL microfilm 0,031,348. Note: Mary was unborn at the time, but was referred to as the child with which his wife was pregnant. 2. George Michael Wolfe, Sr. died about 1756 in Lancaster Co., PA. On 6 Feb. 1756 a petition of George Michael Wolf "eldest son and heir" of George Michael Wolfe, deceased, of Earl Twp., stated he died with nine children, many of which were underaged, and asked for a valuation of 200 acres of the estate. On 2 Mar. 1756 Conrad Wolf and Bernard Wolf, both over 14 and minor sons of George Michael Wolf, deceased chose guardians, and Henry Wolf, Anna Mary Wolf, Abraham Wolf, and Susannah Wolf had a guardian appointed for them. [Lancaster County, PA 1754-1759 Orphans Court Book: 50-51, FHL microfilm 0,021,370] On 19 Feb. 1770, Michael Wolf, Conrad Wolf, Henry Wolf, Abram Wolf, and George Geist in right of his late wife Mary and present wife Susannah, children of George Michael Wolf, deceased, of Earl Twp., sold their shares in 100 acres that had not been appraised with the other 200 acres to Joseph, Jacob, and Barnard Wolf. [Lancaster Co., PA deed N:170-171, FHL microfilm 0,021,385] As this George Michael Wolf was living in 1770 when he signed the deed in Lancaster Co., PA, he cannot be identical to Michael Wolfe of Frederick Co., VA who was deceased by 1766. 3. Philip Helphinstine Revolutionary War Pension File W8930, Family Bible Pages, National Archives, FHL microfilm 0,971,249, frames 685-742. Rebecca age 64 in 1821, age 80 in 1839. 4. Shenandoah Co., VA 1781-1850 marriage register, FHL microfilm 0,033,929. Jacob Lotz-Sarah Wolf, p. 10 Peter Huffman-Mary Wolf, p. 27 5. Gallia Co., OH Deed Book 3, pp. 82-83 (typed numbers), 260-264 (handwritten). 6. Gallia Co., OH Common Pleas Record F:123-141, FHL microfilm 01,303,075. 7. Frederick Co., VA deeds 17:400-403, FHL microfilm 0,031,376. Mary Nicewanger, relict of Jacob Nicewanger, now relict of Michael Wolfe and son Christian Niscewanger and wife Barbara, sell tract granted to said Mary and Christian in 1753. 8. Sarah Wolf Lotz headstone, Wilkesville Cem., Vinton Co., Ohio. 9. Daniel Bly, From The Rhine To The Shenandoah, (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, Inc., 1993), 194, citing undated marriage return in the notebooks of Rev. Peter Muhlenberg, at State Library, Richmond. 10. Shenandoah Co., VA deeds M:691-692, FHL microfilm 0,033,892. 11. Frederick Co., VA deeds 11:369-370, FHL microfilm 0,31,373. John stated as son of Jacob, deceased, sold part of grant of Jacob's to Abraham in 1767 (just coming of age?). 12. Abraham thought to be son of Jacob based on: a. Purchased in #11 part of grant from John that had belonged to John's father Jacob. b. Witness to will of Michael Wolfe in #1. c. John Niswanger [probably his brother] appointed his adm. in #15. 13. J. Casper Stoever Ministerial Record 1729-1798, unpaginated marriage register, entry #172, Joh. Jacob Neuschwanger and Maria Gertraudt Braumbach, FHL microfilm 0,020,436, item 7. 14. Edythe T. Kahn, Jacob Niswanger, His Ancestry and Descendants, 1711 to 1992, (LaSalle, MI: Kahn, 1992). Cites John Kerr (a son-in-law of John Nisewanger) Bible records for the b. & d. dates of John Nisewanger. 15. Frederick Co., VA court order book 19:75, FHL microfilm 0,031,424. 16. Frederick Co., VA personal property tax lists, FHL microfilm 2,024,545. 1785, p. 22, frame 77 taxed as "Widow Nicewanger" with 1 horse, 2 cattle 1787, John White's Dist., p. 25, frame 149. taxed as Margaret Nicewanger with 2 horses, 3 cattle. 17. Frederick Co., VA court order book 36:123, FHL microfilm 0,031,433. 18. 1830 Jefferson Twp., Fayette Co., OH, Peter Windle household, p. 303. Believed to be age 60-70 female in household of her single son Peter Windle. 19. 1810 Shenandoah Co., VA census, Peter Windell household, p. 28 Female age 45+. 20. Frederick Co., VA court order book 5:423, FHL microfilm 0,031,418. 21. B. C. Holtzclaw, Ancestry and Descendants of the Nassau-Siegen Immigrants to Virginia 1714-1750, (1964, 3rd Ed., Orange, VA: Green Publishers, Inc., 1978).

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