Johann Henrich Wäÿdmann as he signed his name arrived 30 Nov. 1750 on 
the Sandwich at Philadelphia. He was in Granville Co., NC by 
1759 until 1777; in Wilkes Co., GA by 1778; ca. 1783 to Abbeville Dist.,
SC (now McCormick Co., SC).  He died between 25 June 1803 and 22 Nov. 1806.
By tradition Henry had two wives, the first being Mary Obendorf who died
on the trip from Germany in 1761 (sic) and was buried on the Atlantic Ocean,
and the second being Mary Taloon/Teulon of the French Colony at Bordeaux,
(now) McCormick Co., SC. By tradition only Adam was by the first wife, and
the other children by the second wife. 

The traditions of his marriages do not fit the known facts, in that he
arrived 11 years earlier than when his first wife was supposed to have died
and his son Adam was to have been born.  Tradition also had him settling
immediately in SC.  As he did not move from NC until about 1777 after most
of his children were born, it is doubtful he married a TEULON/TALOON from SC.

His wife in 1785 was named Mary, and she was living as of 31 Dec. 1790. She
was probably deceased before the 1800 census.

Children of Henry WIDEMAN:
1. Adam WIDEMAN b. ca. 1758 (1761 according to cemetery inscription);
   m. Millie HARRIS ca. 1785; d. 1842 Abbeville Co., SC
2. Francis WIDEMAN b. ca. 1760 Granville Co., NC; wife's name unknown;
   had no children that survived as his brothers and sisters were
   his heirs; d. ca. 1826 Jefferson Co., MO
3. Thomas WIDEMAN b. 22 Dec. 1762 Granville Co., NC; m.1. ?; m.2. -?-
   COX; m.3. -?-; died between 14 Jan. and 24 Sep. 1840 Jackson Co., 
4. Lucy WIDEMAN b. ca. 1764 Granville Co., NC; m. John PRUITT; d. MO
   (had son James DAVIS, a free Negro, prior to marriage to PRUITT)
5. Elizabeth WIDEMAN b. ca. 1766 Granville Co., NC; m.1. James COUCH;
   m.2. Elijah BENTON; d. MO
6. Leonard WIDEMAN b. 4 July 1768 Granville Co., NC; m. Savil HANVEY;
   d. 6 Oct. 1831; bur. Wideman Cem., McCormick Co., SC
7. John WIDEMAN b. ca. 1770; m. Polly; d. ca. 1826 Jefferson Co., MO
8. Sarah "Sally" WIDEMAN b. ca. 1772 Granville Co., NC; m. Charles 
   PRUITT; d. MO
9. Clarissa WIDEMAN b. ca. 1774 Granville Co., NC; m. John WILSON;
   living 1850 Jefferson Co., MO (age 76)
10.Mark WIDEMAN b. ca. 1776; d. ca. 1827 Jefferson Co., MO
11.Jacob WIDEMAN b. ca. 1778; m. Sarah; d. between 1 June 1840 and
   11 Nov. 1842 Jefferson Co., MO

Leonard WIDEMAN and Savil HANVEY had children, all born Abbeville 
   Dist., SC
1. Francis b. ca. 1789; m. Nancy; d. between 9 Sep. 1852 and 20 Nov.
   1858 Jefferson Co., MO
2. Henry WIDEMAN m. Keziah HELLUM; d. ca. 1840 Sumter Co., AL
3. Leonard WIDEMAN b. 1796; m. Sarah Carson PATTERSON 24 Dec. 1818;
   d. 10 Dec. 1847 SC
4. Katherine WIDEMAN b. ca. 1797; m. Meredith WIDEMAN; living 1855
   Jefferson Co.,  MO
5. Samuel WIDEMAN b. ca. 1798; living 1837
6. Susannah "Sooky" WIDEMAN; m. Joseph MOSELY 23 Dec. 1818; living 
7. Lucy WIDEMAN; m. Joseph A. W. DEVALL; living 1837
8. Edward WIDEMAN b. 13 Feb. 1809; m.1. Betsey FARRAK; m.2. -?- -?-;
   m.3. Adeline ELKINS; d. 28 Nov. 1881 Sumter Co., AL

Francis WIDEMAN and Nancy had children:
1. James Leonard WIDEMAN b. ca. 1812 Abbeville Dist., SC; m. 
   Jemima HERRINGTON; living 1870 Jefferson Co., MO
2. Francis Wesley WIDEMAN b. ca. 1814 Abbeville Dist., SC; m. Mary 
   Ann WHITE; d. between 26 Oct. and 15 Nov. 1847 Jefferson Co., MO
3. Lucinda WIDEMAN b. 20 June 1817 Abbeville Dist., SC; m. Joshua
   HERRINGTON d. 1 Jan. 1874; bur. Herrington Cem., Jefferson Co., MO
4. Matilda WIDEMAN b. ca. 1819 Abbeville Dist., SC; m.1. Justus 
   GAMBLE 27 Feb. 1834; m.2. Israel LEE 15 Mar. 1855; living 1870
   Jefferson Co., MO
5. Henry D. WIDEMAN b. 1824 Jefferson Co., MO; m. Mary Ann SULLENS
   20 Mar. 1845; d. 1894; bur. Calvey Bapt. Cem., Franklin Co., MO

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