At present, one descendant from Richard Tucker has DNA tested. They are descended
through his son Hosea, and then Hosea's son Robert Albert. They have no matches to
date with any otherTucker that has tested. They are kit #215798 at TUCKER DNA Results.
Tests through different lines descended from Richard would be beneficial in verifying 
the DNA results.

Richard TUCKER was born between 17601-1765.2 He was married in Frederick Co., MD, 
  but appeared in the 1790 and 1800 Montgomery Co., MD with 29 and 53 slaves
  respectively.  Both were unusually high numbers, but no record is found
  of his owning any land.  By 1803 he was in Hampshire Co., (West) Virginia,3
  where other TUCKER families with a Montgomery Co., MD origin were
  living, but no relation has been proved.  He last appeared there in the
  1828 list.4 Richard died between 1833 when he purchased a tract of land5
  in Richland Co., OH and 1840.6 In 1845 that tract of land was part of
  a four mile wide strip that was changed from Richland to Crawford Co., OH.
m. 18 Feb. 17867
  Rachel HIGGINS b. 1760/1770 MD;1 children:'
1. John H. TUCKER6 b. ca. 17888 MD8; m.1. -?- -?- ca. 1810;10 m.2. Martha
   CONNLEY 17 Jan. 1839;9 died between 1 June 18608 and 16 Feb. 186112
2. Mary "Polly" TUCKER6 b. ca. 179211/313 MD11; never married (insane);13 
   living 1850 Richland Co., OH11
3. Hosea TUCKER6 b. 180814 Hampshire Co., (West) Virginia; m. Catherine
   GARRISON 16 Nov.14/Dec.18 1830; d. 1 Jan. 185914,36 Whitley Co., IN36

Hosea TUCKER and Catherine GARRISON had children:
1. William Nelson TUCKER b. 16 Nov. 183114,20 Auburn Twp., Crawford Co.,
   OH; m.1. Rachel WINDLE 27 Sep. 1857;16 m.2. Mary Jane MONTAGUE 
   1 Sep. 1869;19,20,44 d. 23 Apr. 1912 Albany, Whiteside Co., IL;19,20
   bur. Oakridge Cem., Albany, Whiteside Co., IL20,32
2. Lucinda TUCKER b. 19 Dec. 183214 OH; m. John L. SHOWALTER 1 July 1851;15
   m.2. John L. SHOWALTER 14 Apr. 1855;16 [he 2ndly married her sister Martha];
   m.3. James Jones 31 Dec. 186316; living 187021
3. Rachel TUCKER b. 17 Sep. 183414 OH; m. Isaiah SMITH 22 Jan. 1856;16
   [he 2ndly married her sister Sarah]; d. 185616-186022 Whitley Co., IN
4. Richard Wheeler TUCKER b. 24 July 183614 OH; m. Susanna WINDLE
   8 Mar. 1857;16 d. 186423-187024
5. Robert Albert TUCKER b. 13 Mar.25/3 May 183914 Ashland Co., OH;14 m.1.
   Sarah Ellen Elizabeth JONES 5 Nov. 1865;14,28 m.2. Dorotha Hannah L. KERNS14
   14 May 1892;29 divorced 14 Apr. 1911;14 d. 30 Jan. 1917;27,50
   Coesse, Whitley Co.;50 bur. Coesse Hope Lutheran Cem., Union Twp., 
   Whitley Co., IN26,27,46,50
6. Martha Ann TUCKER b. 25 Aug. 184114,33,47 OH; m. John L. SHOWALTER 20 June 1879;30,31
   d. 13 Jan. 1929, bur. Fenton Cem., Whiteside Co., IL33,47
7. Sarah Anna TUCKER by 10 Jan. 184414,27,51 OH;51 m. Isaiah SMITH 14 Sep. 1865;16
   d. 16 Feb. 193127,51 Columbia City, Whitley Co.51 bur. Garrison Cem., Smith Twp.,
   Whitley Co., IN27,34,51
8. Samuel TUCKER b. Jan. 184614 OH; d. 4 Feb. 184614 OH
9. Almina TUCKER b. 2 Feb. 184714,45 OH; m. Henry GRAVES 9 Feb. 1865;16
   d. 21 Mar. 1902, bur. Coesse Hope Lutheran Cemetery, Union Twp.,
   Whitley Co., IN26,45
10.John Marion TUCKER b. 15 Oct. 184914 OH; never married; living 1910
   Whitley Co., IN35

Richard W. TUCKER and Susanna WINDLE had children:
1. Martha Elizabeth TUCKER24,38,40 b. 1137 Jan. 185843 Whitley Co., IN;
   m. 25 Jan. 188017 William Henry ZIMMERMAN;17 d. 8 Apr. 1926
   Las Animas, Bent Co., Colo.;37 bur. Las Animas Cem.48 
2. William J. TUCKER38 b. ca. 185938 Whitley Co., IN; d. 186038-187024
3. Ida Emily TUCKER24,39 b. ca. 186239 Whitley Co., IN; m. Jesse S. ENGLE
   7 Sep. 1882;17 d. ca. 188841 Whitley Co., IN
4. Lavinia Rhoda Jane TUCKER24,39,40 b. 6 Oct. 186841,49 Whitley Co., IN;
   m. Charles R. RICHEY 31 Oct. 1892;17 d. 26 Nov. 1913;41,49 Kendallville,
   Noble Co., IN;49 bur. Lake View Cem., Kendallville, Noble Co., IN42,49

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