The information on this MOHLER line was made possible through y-DNA
research.  Matches between various branches proved their being related
to each other. Knowing that DNA proved they were related led to the
records that showed how these families were related.

For those on Facebook that are interested in the families, there is a page at:
Mohler-Moler-Moulder DNA Project

Valentine (born say 1740) and John MOLER [MOULDER] (born ca 1733) of NC
by tradition were brothers. Also by "tradition" they were the sons of a
Henry. Of interest was that a Henry MOLER of Frederick Co., MD had a will
proved in 1797 in which he had named sons Jacob, John and Valentine.
Nothing had been found to either prove or disprove whether the NC men
were the sons of this Henry. Some researchers believed that the son
Valentine was the Valentine MOLER that appeared in 1790 York Co., PA.

The Valentine in 1790 York County was listed next to Clement STUDIBAKER.27
On 4 April 1772 Henry MOHLER of Berwick Township, York Co. and his wife
Catherine had sold 90 acres to Valentine PRIZZLE [his son-in-law] that was
adjacent to Clement STUDEBERGER.28 Valentine MOLER had 1 white male over
age 16 and 1 female. No estate record has been found for Jacob, son of Henry,
and all of his children are not known. It is believed that the Valentine
in 1790 York Co. had just married, was a son of Jacob, and remained in 
York Co. when his father Jacob and grandfather Henry moved to Frederick
Co., MD between 1785 and 1790.

Other researchers have claimed that Henry's son Valentine died testate in
1807 Frederick Co., MD with a will written as Valentine "MOLLER."  The
actual will is for Valentine MOTTER.29 The accounts of his estate also
confirm that the name was MOTTER.30 He had appeared in the 1790 Frederick Co.
census as Valentine MOTTOR31 and in 1800 as Valentine MORTAR.32

In June and July 2008 a descendant of Henry MOLER (1780-1855), believed
son of Valentine MOLER [MOULDER] who died about 1804 in Iredell Co., NC
and a descendant of John MOLER/MOHLAR [MOULDER] of NC, DNA tested with
Family Tree DNA and matched at 36 of 37 markers, proving that they were

It was found that they matched with MOHLERs that had previously tested
with DNA Heritage.  They had tested 43 markers, of which 32 were shared
by the FTNDA 37 marker test.
Those matches were with descendants of:
Ludwig MOHLER 1696-1754 of Lancaster Co., PA
Henry MOHLER say 1700-1769 of Lancaster Co., PA
Henry MOLER 1711-1797 of Frederick Co., MD through his son Jacob

Those results from both companies are listed on the Mohler DNA Comparisons page.

The Henry who died in 1769 left a will,33 so it was known that the NC
John and Valentine were not children of him. He named no son Valentine,
and his son John was underage when it was written. 

Ludwig MOHLER has only one proved son at the present time, that being
Ludwig, Jr. With the DNA match, it is believed that John and Valentine
MOLER of NC are the sons of Henry MOLER who died in Frederick Co., MD.

The Henry of MD was the one who named sons John and Valentine in his
will for which no paper trail had been found as to the identity of
those sons. It was known that this Henry Mohler and wife Catharina
were from Hassloch, [now] Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, where their son
Johan Jacob was baptised in 1736. In his 1734 marriage there, Henry was
listed as the son of the deceased Mathes MOHLER of Basel. Henry himself
was baptized at Hassloch in 1711 as the son of Mathes MOHLER and wife 
Cretha" [Margretha]. In baptisms there for children of Mathes MOHLER, he
was listed as from Switzerland. Mathes MOHLER died at Hassloch in 1712
and was listed as age 65.

In addition to the DNA matches above, a MOHLER who lives in Switzerland
who had previously tested with FTDNA, descended from Veith MOHLER of
Diegten, Baselland, Switzerland. The ancestry of Mathes MOHLER who died
in 1712 has also been found to be a descendant of Veith MOHLER.

A video of Diegten is here.

The Diegten Church Books contained records of a Matthiss MOHLER who
married in 1692 to Margretha STRUB. No records of this couple were
found at Diegten after 1696. Baptismal records for their children
identified Matthiss as the son of Marti[n] MOHLER. It was found that
Matthiss had a first marriage in 1673 to Anna Buser. In baptismal
records of their children, he was also listed as Marti's son.

Two men named Matthiss MOHLER, both born to men named Martin MOHLER,
were baptized in Feb. 1647. The first was baptized 2 Feb. 1647, the
son of Martin MOHLER and Anna Hägler.25 Other baptisms of children of
this Martin identified him as Jacob's son. 

The second Matthiss was baptized on 28 Feb. 1647, the son of Martin
MOHLER, the kirchmeÿers son and Elsbeth MEYER. Other baptisms of
children of this Martin identified him as the son of Baschi [Baschen].
This second Matthis was married on 19 Sep. 1668 as Matthis Mohler,
the kilchmeÿers son to Maria Geörgi.25

That would mean the Matthis MOHLER who married first Anna BUSER
and second Margareth Strub was the Matthis baptized on 2 Feb. 1647, the
son of Martin MOHLER and Anna Hägler.

The ancestry of the Swiss tester is the line of:
Hans MOHLER b. ca. 1560 and Magdalena FREY
Jacob MOHLER 1590-1653 and Elsbeth BIDERKER who was from Neuendorf
Johannes MOHLER 1635-1713 and Barbara BUSER

The ancestry of the Martin MOHLER who married Anna Hägler is:
Hans MOHLER b. ca. 1560 and Magdalena FREY
Jacob MOHLER 1590-1653 and Elsbeth BIDERKER who was from Neuendorf
Martin MOHLER 1624 and Anna Hägler

The ancestry of the Martin MOHLER who married  Elsbeth MEYER is:
Hans MOHLER b. ca. 1560 and Magdalena FREY
Baschen MOHLER ba. ca. 1593 and Barbel SCHAUB
Martin MOHLER b. 1619 and Elsbeth MEYER

To summarize the evidence regarding this line:
1. Jacob, John and Valentine, sons of Heinrich/Henry MOHLER/MOLER of
   Hassloch, Germany and Frederick Co., MD had a DNA match.
2. The marriage of Heinrich MOHLER in 1734 at Hassloch stated he was
   the son of the deceased Mathes MOHLER of "Basol."
3. Heinrich MOHLER was born in 1711 at Hassloch to Mathes MOHLER
   "of Switzerland," and wife Margretha.
4. Mathes MOHLER died in 1712 at Hassloch at "age 65."
5. Heinrich/Henry's sons John and Valentine had a DNA match 
   with a MOHLER descended from the MOHLER family of Diegten,
   Baselland, Switzerland.
6. Matthiss MOHLER, son of Martin MOHLER was born at Diegten in 1647.
7. Matthiss MOHLER, [born 1647] secondly married at Diegten in 1692
   to Margreth STRUB.
8. The latest record of Matthiss and Margreth found at Diegten was in
9  The first year of extant Hassloch records was 1700, and Mathes and
   Margretha had a daughter born there that year.

Hans MOHLER and first wife Barbara Thommen had children:
1. Hans MOHLER bap. 31 March 1577;25 d. 1594;25
2. Barbel MOHLER bap. 9 Nov. 1578;25 d. 10 July 1594;25
3. Anni MOHLER bap. 15 Jan. 1581;25

Hans MOHLER and second wife Magdalena FREY had children:

Jacob "Joggi" MOHLER  was a leader in the Swiss Peasant War of 1653.
After their defeat, he was sentenced to death and beheaded in front
of the Steinentor in Basel. A memorial which has his name was erected
for those who were executed. His house, built in 1581, still stands. 

Jacob MOHLER and Elsbeth Büttiker had children:
1. Fridli bap. 10 Dec. 1615;25
2. Hans MOHLER bap. 26 Sep. 1619;25
3. Vitus MOHLER bap. 3 Sep. 1621;25
4. Matthias MOHLER bap. 24 Aug. 1623;25 d. 6 Jan. 1624;25
5. Martin MOHLER bap. 14 Nov. 1624;25 m. Anna Hägler 29 July 1644;25
6. Magdalena MOHLER bap. 20 Jan. 1628;25
7. Vitus MOHLER bap. 15 May 1630;25
8. Matthias MOHLER bap. 7 Oct. 1632;25
9. Hans MOHLER bap. 31 May 1635;25

Martin MOHLER and wife Anna Hägler were second cousins once removed, both
descendants of Veith MOHLER.
Martin MOHLER and Anna Hägler had children baptized at Diegten:
1. Barbel MOHLER bap. 13 September 1645;25
2. Mathiss MOHLER bap. 2 Feb. 1647; m.1 Anna BUSEER 15 Aug. 1673;25
   m. 2. Margreth STRUB of Läufelfingen 23 Aug. 1692;25; Mathes MOHLER 
   buried 19 Aug. 1712, Hassloch, Germany, age 65.23
3. Jacob MOHLER bap. 18 Nov. 1648;25 m. Barbara Thommen;
   bur. 4 Aug. 1715 Diegten
4. Madle MOHLER bap. 4 Aug. 1650;25
5. Elsbeth MOHLER bap. 28 Aug. 1653;25  
6. Verena MOHLER bap. 25 Feb. 1655;25  
7. Madle MOHLER bap. 23 Aug. 1656;25  
8. Margreth MOHLER bap. 29 Aug. 1657;25
9. Johannes MOHLER bap. 6 July 1662;25
10. Veit MOHLER bap. 20 Dec. 1663;25
11. Baschen MOHLER bap. 4 June 1665;25
12. Magdalena MOHLER bap. 15 Dec. 1667;;25

Matthiss MOHLER and Anna Buser had children born at Diegten:
1. Marti MOHLER bap. 15 Aug. 1675;25
2. Hans MOHLER bap. 29 June 1677;25
3. Maria MOHLER bap. 31 Oct.1680;25
4. Matthiss MOHLER bap. 16 Dec. 1683;25
5. Anna MOHLER bap. 8 Jan 1688;25
6. Marti MOHLER bap. 22 Mar 1691;25

Anna BUSER was buried 27 Mar. 1692;25

Matthiss MOHLER and Margreth STRUB had children:
1. Jacob MOHLER bap. 29 Jan. 1693 Eptingen26
2. Heinrich MOHLER bap. 4 Mar. 1694 Diegten25
3. Heinrich MOHLER bap. 25 Nov. 1696 Diegten25
4. Maria Elisabetha MOHLER bap. 5 June 1700 Hassloch;23
   m. 1 Feb. 1729 Friedrich Zapp;23 bur. 19 Nov. 1742 Hassloch23
5. Anna Elisabeth MOHLER bap. 6 Nov. 1701 Hassloch23; living 1718;23
6. Johann Georg MOHLER bap. 12 Aug. 1703 Hassloch;23 m. Maria Margaretha -?-23
7. Johann Ludwig MOHLER bap.22 Nov. 1705 Hassloch23; living 1721;23
8. Anna Margaretha MOHLER bap. 14 Oct. 1708 Iggelheim;36
9. Johann Henrich MOHLER born 29 Sep. 1711 Hassloch, Germany;23 m. 5 May 1734
   Maria Catharina Drucktenhengst;23 d. between 11 June 1796 and 1 May 1797
   Frederick Co., MD21

Henrich/Henry Moler and Catharina DRUCKTENHENGST had children:
1. Anna Maria Mohler b. 29 Nov. 1734 Horbach22
2. Johann Jacob Mohler21 b. 26 Apr. 1736 Hassloch;23 living 1800
   Frederick Co., MD35
3. John MOHLER/MOHLAR/MOLER21/MOULDER b. about 1738; d. 27 May 1810
   Grainger (now) Union Co., TN;1 m. Susannah SWINGLE.18  She born Switzerland3
   and d. ca. 18352 (now) Union Co., TN;2
4. Valentine MOLER21/MOULDER b. about 1741; m. Christina;5
   d. before Nov. 1804 Iredell Co., NC4 when administrators were appointed
   for his estate
5. Margaret Mohler21 b. 10 Mar. 1742 Mörzheim;37 m. Valentine PRESSEL21
6. Anna Catharina Mohler b. 5 June 1747 Böbingen24

At the baptism of his child Anna Catharina in 1747, Henry MOHLER was listed as a
sheep herder. That likely accounts for why the three baptisms located were at
different locations. Böbingen is just a few miles south of Hassloch. Baptisms
for the other three children may be found in the future at some church in the area
for which the records have not yet been examined.

Henry MOHLER arrived at Philadelphia on 7 October 1749 on the Ship Leslie.34

John MOHLAR/MOLER/MOULDER had children, all possibly born in the area of
Randolph Co., NC that was formed in 1778 from Guilford Co., in the part
that was formed in 1770 from Orange County:
1. Catherine3 "Caty"7 MOULDER b. before 1765;6 m. Richard PENN;3 living 1838 MO7
2. Mary3 MOULDER m. Jack PHILLIPS;3 d. VA?3
3. Henry3,7 MOULDER b. ca. 1765;8 living 18508
4. Susanna2,3,7 MOULDER b. Sep. 1767;9 m. Johann Adam SHEEK;2,3,7 d. 2 May 18399,10
   Davie Co., NC
5. John3 MOULDER b. before 1770;13 m. Sarah14 Feilding HOPPER;20
   d. between 30 Mar.14 and 20 Aug. 180115 Jefferson Co., TN14
6. Elizabeth2,3 MOULDER b. 177011-177512 m. Isaac HENDRIX;2,3 living 1835 IN2
7. Jacob2,3 MOULDER b. 2 Apr. 1775;17 Elizabeth BORELAND 24 May 1802;16
   d. 3 Mar. 184617, bur. Old Paoli Cem., Orange Co., IN17
8. Valentine2,3 "Felty"7 MOULDER b. 25 Nov. 1776;18 m. Lavina ROBERSON19/ROBERTSON3
   lic date 28 May 1798;19 d. ca. 18342 or 7 Jan. 1833;18 drowned Clinch River,
   Union Co., TN2,18

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