Hermann MENGEL died before 1740 Stadecken,1 (now) Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.
  He married:
Anna Margaretha born about Jan. 1667;1 bur. 9 Oct. 1740 Gönnheim1

  They are probably the parents of:

Johann Wilhelm MENGEL was born about 17115 (Stadecken?), (now)
  Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.  He died after 177814 and before 27 Apr. 1780
  in Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co., PA when his will was probated.3  
  His first wife was Anna Sara and he secondly married at Gönnheim on
  1 Oct. 1749 to Anna Catharina, the widow of the deceased Conrad STAMM
  of Biebelnheim.1 She had married at Biebelnheim on 24 Apr. 1743 as
  Catharina, the daughter of Stephan HIRSCHNERS of Stadecken to Conrad STAMM
  as his second wife.4 Stadecken is about 8 miles north of Biebelnheim.
  She was living as of 1781.14
  Wilhelm's first appearance at Gönnheim was for the burial of his daughter
  in 1740. The only earlier mention of MENGEL in the Gönnheim records was a
  month earlier when Anna Margaretha, age 73 years, nine months, less quite
  a few days, the surviving widow of Hermann MENGEL, former citizen and
  inhabitant of Stadecken was buried.  It would seem likley that Anna
  Margaretha was Wilhelm's mother, and that they had only recently moved
  to Gönnheim.  
  In 1753 the Schultheiß and gericht at Gönnheim reported that Wilhelm MENGEL
  and Johann Georg BECKER with their wives and chidren had moved to Pennsylvania
  without approval, as they were having to account for why no departure taxes
  had been collected.6  Both men were adjacent signers as having arrived on the
  ship Peggy on 24 Sep. 1753 at Philadelphia.5
Biographical information on Wilhelm MENGEL.

William MENGEL and Anna Sara had children:
1. Christina MENGEL b. Oct. 1739; bur. 17 Nov. 1740 Gönnheim, 
2. Anna Dorothea MENGEL b. 30 Dec. 1741 Gönnheim1

William MENGEL and Catharina3 HIRSCHNERS had children:
1. Johann Oswald MENGEL bap. 14 Oct. 1750 Gönnheim2
2. Frederick3 MENGEL living 1773
3. John George3 MENGEL b. say 1757; m. Catharine Süss8 24 Dec.
   1782;7 died before 28 Mar. 1792 Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co., PA9
4. John3 MENGEL/MINGLE b. say 1760; m. Jane "Jenny";10 d. between 10 Apr.
   180111 and 12 Oct. 1802 Wythe Co., VA12
5. Catharina?  b. say 1762; m. Peter BACH 28 May 17827

Anna Catharina HIRSCHNERS, as the daughter of Stephan of Stadecken
  married first on 24 Apr. 1743 Biebelnheim to 
Johann Conrad STAMM; he b. Jan. 1713 Biebelnheim, son of 
   Martin STAMM and Maria Margaretha WOLFFEN;4 he m.1 Anna Catharina 
   SCHMITT;4 he died 2 Apr. 1748 Biebelnheim4

Conrad STAMM and Catharina HIRSCHNERS had children:
1. Johannes STAMM3 b. 2 Sep. 1744 Biebelnheim;4 m. Barbara;13 living 178114
2. Johann Wilhelm STAMM b. 19 Nov. 1746 Biebelnheim4
3. Maria Catharina STAMM b. 28 Oct. 1747 Biebelnheim; bur. 15 Dec. 
   1748 Biebelnheim4

John MINGLE was part of a migration of several families from the Lancsater
Co., PA area to Wythe Co., VA.  These families inclued PHILIPI, EICHELBERGER,
these same familes were involved in PA records with John's brother George.
Biographical information on John MINGLE.

John MENGEL/MINGLE and Jane had children, all born Wythe Co., VA:
1. Jenny MINGLE b. say 1787; m. John WEITZELL 22 Oct. 180715
2. John MINGLE b. before 1794;16 living 181516
3. George MINGLE(S)40 b. 1790-1800;19 m. Mary LEWIS 17 Jan. 1819;20 died between
   4 June 183421 and 6 Aug. 183520 Harrison Co., IN
4. William MINGLE(S) b. 1790-1800;17 m.1 Margaret KEGLEY 17 Aug. 1820;15 m.2.
   Rebecca KEGLEY39 by 1829;22 d. between 184018 and 185037 Blount Co., TN
5. Elizabeth "Betsey" MINGLE b. say 1795; m. Joseph GREEN 21 Aug. 1814;15
   d. before 1829 Wythe Co., VA22
6. Joseph MINGLE12 bap. 17 Mar. 1797;10 m. Sarah "Sally" BONDS 2 June 1825;23
   d. 184038-185028 Cannon Co., TN
7. Mary "Polly" MINGLE12 b. ca. 1800;24 living 187024

George MINGLES and Mary LEWIS had children, all born Harrison Co., IN
1. Jane25 MINGLES b. ca. 181842/1820;26 m. William P. T. BRILES25 7 Apr. 1842;20
   d. 15 April 1888 Burlington, Des Moines Co., IA; bur. Keithsburg, Mercer Co., IL50
2. Elizabeth25 MINGLES b. ca. 1820; living 184925
3. John25 MINGLES b. 4 Nov. 1822;27 m.1. Mary WAID 23 Dec. 1845;20 m.2.
   Mrs. Minerva29 CALL 19 Dec. 1870;45 d. 31 Oct. 1901;27
   bur. Greenmound Cem., Keithsburg, Mercer Co., IL27,51
4. Margaret25 MINGLES b. ca. 1824;52 unmarried, living in Mercer Co., IL
   in 1880 with brother Henry54
5. Susannah25 MINGLES b. ca. 1826;29,52,53 m.1. James H. CURTZ 19 Dec. 1847;20
   m.2. George Nelson GREEN 30 July 1854;45 d. 188029-190046  Mercer Co., IL
6. Mahala25 MINGLES b. 22 May 1828;30, 31 m. Jesse AMY25 22 June 1845;30
   d. 12 Mar. 1910;31 bur. Kirk, Yuma Co., Colo.49
7. Rebecca25 MINGLES b. ca. 1830; Samuel PANGBURN m 1 Dec. 1850;45
8. George25 MINGLES b. ca. 1834;32 living 187043
9. Henry Peter25 MINGLES b. Jan. 183533 Harrison Co., IN; m.
   Sarah Catherine HAMMERSLY 24 Aug. 1859;34 living 190033

Mary LEWIS m.2. 6 Aug. 1835 Ephriam BRILES Harrison Co., IN;20
   she d. between 2 Aug. 1843 and 27 July 184520 Harrison Co., IN;
 children born in Harrison Co., IN:
1. Mary Magdalena BRILES b. 23 Apr. 1837;36 m.1. Allen AMY 29 Mar. 1854;20
   m.2. William A. PETERS 23 Mar. 1883;20 m.3. David COLE 17 Apr. 1898;20
   d. 12 Apr. 193436 Bruceville, Knox Co., Ind., bur. Cedar Hill Cem.,
   Harrison Co., Ind.47,48
2. Barbara Ellen BRILES b. 20 Apr. 1839;41 m. Harlston Funk 10 June 1860;20 
   d. 16 Mar. 1864; bur. Ripperdan-Sonner Cem., Harrison Co., IN41
3. Lewis BRILES b. 2 Aug. 1843;35 m. Martha Jane HOGAN 29 Aug. 186920
   d. 10 July 1919; bur. Chariton Cem., Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa44

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