In the name of God Amen The Letter Will & Testament of Gawen Hamilton of Prince
Georges County planter being sicke of Body but sound in memory and Judgment In
the first I recomend my Soul to Almighty God from whom I received the same hopeing
through the meritts off Jesus Christ for remission of my sins And m Bodie to be buried
at the descretion off the Honble Coll. John Addison and Mr. Orme
Tannehill of the Counties abovesaid And as to what small mater of Estate I have I
doe dispose off in maner folowing In the First place I leave Andrew Hamilton my son
my only Heir giving to him what Land or realll inheritance I have And his mother and
he Joynt excors off my moveables.
  Secondly it is my Will that Coll Addison and William Tannihill being 
hereby left and overseers to my children that they in the first place sett apart my
Wifes thirds And in the next place divide the remaining two parts equally among my
three Children with which devisions they are to be satisfied without further trouble suit
of Law or contraversey and not withstanding the foresaid Devisions it is my Will that
they all live together as they have done formerlie with me being ruled and ordered
by ther caretors abovesaid only thy excpted That Madam Addison wold be pleased
to take my two girls viz on at a tyme, Leaving the other with her mother and Brother
to give them some Education and good Breeding as long and howsoever she thinks
fitt and as for the Coll and Mr Tannehills trouble I devise that  they
may satisfie themselves for their oun trouble out of any thing that is or was myne being
equallie Levied among the possessors and this I declare to be my last will hereby
making void all former and toher Wills made by me in Witnes whereoff I have hereto
sett my hand and Seale This  [blank] day off [blan] 169[blank].
                                                     G. Hamilton    (seal)
Signed, Sealed and dld in pnce of 
Giles        H   Hill

John       I [crossed]   Willinsworth [Wittinsworth?]

Robert      R     Hurst

Henry      H    Harmenleplo
On the back was endorsed to Witt December 30th 1698 then came Robert
Hurst and Henry Harmanliplo and made Oath upon the Holy Evangelist tht they see
the within Gawen Hamilton sign the within Will, to the best of theire remembrance about
the middle of March last past.
                             Robt        R     Hyerst
                            Henry       H       Hermanlepo
Sworn before me day & year above.
                 John Addison

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