The Nineteenth day of Januarye in the yeare of our Lorde god 1595 I 
Cuthberte Greeneberry of Stamford in teh Countye of Lincolne gentleman
beinge sicke in Bodye, but of sounde whole and perfect memorye thancke
be geven to Almightie god Doe make and ordayne this my presentt Testamente
conteynynge herein my Last will in manner and forme followinge
   Firste I bequeathe my Soule into handes of Almightie god my Creator
and Redeemer fullye and stedfastlie hopinge to be saved by the precyous
bloud sheedinge of Christ Jesus my alone savyour and Redeemer and by noe
other meanes. My Bodye I bequeath to the grownde from whence yt came,
and to be buryed in the Parrishe Church of All Saintes in Stamford
   Item I geve to the poore people of the Parrishe of All Saints in
Stamford fyve shillings to be distributed att the discrecon of my
   Item I geve to the Parrishe Churche of All Saints towardes the repayre
thereof fyve shillings.  
   Item I geve to John Greenberry my sonne Sixtene powndes in money and
my white nagge videlicet Sixe powndes and the saide Nagge within one
month after my death, and Tenne pownds within one yeare after that.  And
my Will is That the saide John my sonne shall have my shoppe which I nowe
personallie doe use and the Buttry behynde that same shoppe for and during
the space of Eighte yeares after my death as my wiefe hath thereunto
wellnighe consented holdinge and payenge yearelie for the same Shoppe
and Buttrye to my saide wiefe or her Assignes the whole some of Twelve
shillings Att two usuall termes in the yeare, That is to saie Att the 
feast of the Annutiacon and Seynte Michael by equall porcons. And yf the
saide yearelie rent of Twelve Shillings be behynde and not paide or any
parte thereof by the space of fowretene daies after time of the saide
feaste beinge lawfullye demanded Then my Will is That my saide wiefe or her
Assignes shall enter into the same againe and utterlie to avoyde the saide
John my sonne.
   Item I geve to the saide John my sonne all my ymplements and utensalls
in my shoppe as Axes cleavers ropes and others.
   Item I geve to Alice my daughter Sixtene pownds to be paide to the
saide Alice within one twelve month after my death, That is to saie Tenne
powndes in money and sixe powndes in goodes.
   Item I bequeath to Thomas Greenberrye my sonne Tenne shilligs, And to
Thomas Horkett by best hatt, And to Mabell Horkett my daughter Twentye
   Item I geve and bequeath to Tobye Greenberry my sonne my freehold with the
the appurtenance in St. John Parishe which I boughte of Mr. Jeoffrey
Johnson to hym and his heires forever the saide Tobye to enter to yt after
the deathe of Elizabeth my nowe wife, Moreover I geve to the saide Tobye
my sonne Tenne powndes, to be paide to hym when he shall attaine to the
age of One and twentie yeares.
   Item I geve and bequeath to Cutberte my sonne my Coppishold with the
platt of free grownde which I bought of Mrs. Bennett called the Slaughter
house yards, after the death of my Wife, Moreover I geve to the saide
Cuthberte Thirtene powndes sixe shillings and eight pence to be paide
unto the saide Cutberte when he shall accomplishe the age of One and
Twentie yeares.
   Item I geve to Susanna Grenberrye and Elizabeth Grenberrye my daughters
To either of them Sixtene powndes to be paide to the saide Susanna
Sixtene powndes and to the saide Elizabeth Sixtene powndes when they and
either of them shall come to the age of One and Twentie yeares or be
marryed whether shall come firste. And yf yt happen the saide Tobye
Cuthberte Suzanna and Elizabeth or any of them to departe this life
before they shall accomplishe the age or marriage as before is saide
Then my Will is that the percon of the partie soe departed shalbe
devyded amongst the survyvors or overlyvers of them.
   Item I geve to Cutberte Horkett one Lambe hogge, and to Elizabeth
Horkett twelve pence in money.
   Item I geve to Peter Greenberry on Lambe hogge.
   Item I geve to John Dickenson my godsonne my godsonne One Lambe hogge
and to everye one of his bretherne twelve pence a peece.
   Item I geve to John Atton of Thomas Atton one Lambe hogge.
   Item to Thomas Wallott twelve pence.
   Item I geve to my father Dickenson Tenne shillings and to my mother
an Amgott.
   Item I geve to my sister Southwell two ewes and two Lambes, And to my
brother William Dickenson my best gowne and to my sister his wife Tenne
shillings, And to my Brother Mr. Thomas Dickenson Tenne shillings.
   Item I geve to Jane Atton one Ewe and a lambe.
   Item I geve to Peter Roweth Wardon Thirtene shillinges and fowre pence.
   Item to my Coson Shorthose widowe three shillings fowre pence To Anthure
Mr my Man fyve Shillings. To every of my maides twelve pence a peece.
   Item to the Beadmen and women fyve shillings.
   Item I geve to John my sonne my best apparrell viz Dublett hose and
   Item I geve to Thomas my sonne my Worke daye apparrell viz hose Jerken
stockings shoes hatt and cloake.
   Item my Will is That if Jayne Atton dye her daughter shall have that
Legacye to her bequeathed.
   Item I geve to Anne Hutton three shillings fowre pence, and to my
goddaughter Elizabeth her daughter three shillings fowre pence.
   Item I geve to Thomas my sonne one Stall in the Monday Markett
discharginge all duties for the same.
   Item I geve to John my sonne my Stall next to John Brothwell in the
frydaie markett he payenge all duties thereto belonginge.
   Supervysors and overseers of this my Will to see yt performed 
effectually accordinge to the truth I comitt to them. I make my welbeloved
Breetherne John Dickenson and Mathewe Southwell and I geve to either of
them for their faithfull paynes takinge therein Twentie shillings a peece
The rest of my goodes not given nor bequeathed my debts paide, my Legacyes
performed, my funerall expences discharged, and my Bodie brought in
decent manner to the grownde I geve and bequeathe them all to Elizabeth
my wiefe whome I make my sold Executrixe of this my Last will.
			Cuthbert Grenberye his marke
Their beinge witnesses Richarde Snawden clarke Peter Rewthe clarke 
Thomas Shorthose clarke, John Tymen thelder his marke Mathewe Southwell
his marke.
The will was probated 29 May 1696.

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