In The Name of god Amen I Basil Gaither Do on this Eighth day of November
Eighteen Hundred & Two laying by all formallation of the preamble of
wills do this day with my Own hand write this & Establish it as My last
will and Testament fully Expressive of my desire in Dividing my Estate
Both Rale and personal. first of all my Just Debts to be pade & (?)
Colection made of what is Justly due me for the above. I give to my 
Beloved Wife Margaret Gaither the uniterrupted use of my Dweling
plantation and Mill and my Man Barker and Molater woman Judey, Jacob,
Solomon & Minty during her Natrol life and in like manner one feather
Bed & furniture, writing Disk, Table, Cubbert & all its Contents, six
chairs, Two Cows of her Choise, one plow & gears My Bay mare Venos &
Black horse punch all the kitchen furniture & Cider Casks.
   I give and Bequeth to my Son Walter Gaither Two Hundred & Twenty Acres
of land to be lade of all across My land from Austons line to C. Hunters,
one feather bed & furniture & one pot that I give to him & his Heirs
   I give and Bequeth to my Son Gassaway Gaither Two Hundred Acres of 
land to be lade off lone side Walters one feather Bed & furniture &
one pot that give to him and his Heirs forever.
   I give and Bequeth to my Son Nathan Gaither Two Hundred & Twenty acres
of land Including My Dweling plantation & Mill a the Death of his Mother
to have Compleat possession and one feather Bed & furniture one pot
one Cow & Calf and free and uninterrupted possession of the Turners
shop Now Standing in my yard this I give to him and his Heirs forever.
   I give and Bequeth to my Daughter Betsey Gaither the Negro Boy Solomon
& Negro garl Minty, the garl to receive at her Marrage the Boy not til
the Death of her Mother without its her will to give her One feather Bed
and in Case Either of the Negros left to her Die before She arive to age
in Case I wil her a horse out of my Estate Worth Eighty Dollars, this I
give & her Heirs forever.
   I give and Bequeth to My Son Basil Gaither one Hundred & eighty Acres
of land granted by the state to me and also Seventy Acres lade of across
the land as the other lots and in case in Surplis land be My Desire is
it be Divided So as to ad to Each lot, this I give to him & his Heirs
   I give and Bequeth to my grand Children to wit Margaret W. Jones
Thos. C. Jones Basil G. Jones Abraham R. Jones Isaac D. Jones Mary C.
Jones & Walter G. Jones Jointly My Negro man Name Sam & Negro Woman
name Sall with all her increase and also & in like manner that part of
a Tract of land lying on the East Side of Bare Creek Being part of a
Tract of land Convey by Deed to Isaac Jones form Ralph Vancleave & from
Jones to me quantity not assertained Suposed to be Two Hundred Acres be
it More or less Reserving Spetially the use and Benefit of the above land
to Neley Jones uniterrupted during her Nartrul life and at her Death to
be Equally divided Between the above Mentioned grandchildren to them
and there Heirs forever. and also give to My Daughter Neley Jones the 
Sum of One Hundred Dollars & all the property put with her since the
Death of her Husband Except the plantation whare she now lives. and my 
Executors are after my Death to sell at Discretion & Convey to the 
purchaser that Tract of land whare Nelley Jones lives and that Tract
lying adjoining the County line at the head of Dutchmans Creek and all
the rest and residue of my Estate be it consist in whatsoever it will
Either rale or personal and what (remains?) over the Discharge of my
Just Debts to be Equally Divided Betwee all my Children and if my Son
Gassaway wil give Two Hundred Dollars for my half the Stud horse he may
have him & in Case he will not give it Either of my other Sons may take
him at that price. and at the Death of my Wife all the Negros & property
then in Existence Except them I will to Betsey be Equally Divided as above.
   My Son Walter & Basil Gaither I have as my Sole Executors to this my
last will & Testament Ratefying this & no other to be my last will &
Testament Revoking and Making Voyed all Others in Witness I have
hereunto Set my hand & seal this day & year above.  Signed Sealed
published and Declared to be the last Will & Testament in presents of
Wm. Moore				Basil Gaither
Joseph Dial
Vachel Ijames Jr.
The will was probated at the November 1803 court.

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