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Scientists at The National Academy for the Study of UFO's have recently
confirmed the existence of the "UFO chromosome."  While most genealogists
are aware of the x chromosome, passed from one female generation to the
next, and the y chromosome, from which it is possible to determine descent
in an uninterrupted male lineage from a common ancestor, the "UFO chromosome"
had previously been only speculation.  Working with DNA recovered from the
aliens of the Roswell, New Mexico crash, the scientists have discovered
the "UFO chromosome" is also present in some humans.  This discovery
confirms that aliens have been breeding with humans for centuries, and
beaming their progeny back to earth.

For the "low" price of $10,000, they will test your DNA to see if you
possess the "UFO chromosome."  While the test will not tell WHICH ancestor
had the "UFO chromosome," there are several ways to identify that ancestor.
For those ancestors to conceal their identity:

1.  They moved every few years, never spending long at one location.
2.  They were the only person of that surname in the county.
3.  The county clerk who was also an alien, assured that your ancestor's
    marriage bond would "accidentally" be lost, their deeds set aside
    and never recorded, and their entire probate file would turn up "missing"
    even though indexes say it once existed.
4.  The census taker would either not list them, OR he would list them twice,
    with sleight differences, causing quarrels among descendants whether they
    are the same person or not.
5.  The family Bible was sent "west" with the youngest unmarried daughter,
    where she married a "Mr. Smith."
6.  The family cemetery was sold to outsiders, who used the headstones to
    make a sidewalk.
7.  The church they joined did not believe in recording vital statistics.
8.  They started rumors of how they were related to someone famous, causing
    descendants to search the wrong family.
9.  They started rumors of how they were born in England, arrived in Virginia
    with two brothers (one of whom was born in France, the other in Sweden).
    To conceal their identity, one brother moved to Georgia, the other to Maine,
    while they remained in Virginia.
10. And, when all else failed and they were about to be discovered, the
    county court house would "accidentally" burn.

If you can prove your ancestor was beamed down by aliens, Halbert's of Bath,
Ohio has recently prepared a family history of the Alien family, complete with
the Alien coat of arms, which you will be proud to display over your fireplace.

Seriously, though, if you need help tracing your ancestry, please see my
BUSINESS SITE to see what I may be able to do for you.

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