The earliest known generation of this family is John CALLINGWOOD
and his wife Jane. They had six children baptized at Rolleston, 
Staffordshire, England, but their marriage is not found there.
1. Sara CALLINGWOOD bap. 2 Dec. 1607;1 m. George WRAY 13 Nov. 1634;4
2. John CALLINGWOOD bap. 16 May 1609;1 m.1. -?- -?-;5 m.2 Sarah (widow)5 ALLEN5 9 Sep. 1682;6
   d. between 7 Dec. 1685 and 23 Feb. 1685 [1685/6] London, England3
3. Jane CALLINGWOOD bap. 29 Apr. 1610;1
4. Anne CALLINGWOOD bap. 5 Feb. 1611 [1611/2];1 m. Thomas GASSAWAY 6 Jan. 1631 [1630/1]
   bur. 26 May 1647 St. Margaret's, Westminster, Middlesex, England4
5. Elizabeth CALLINGWOOD bap. 14 Mar. 1613 [1613/4]1
6. Thomas CALLINGWOOD bap. 1 Feb. 1615 [1615/6];1 m. Katherne [Catherine] WESSON
   2 June 1640;9

John was buried at Rolleston on 9 January 1621 [1621/2] and Jane
was buried there on 21 October 1625.1

That Anne Callingood who married Thomas Gassaway and John CALLINGWOOD
of London are siblings is certain. Anne's son Nicholas GASSAWAY in his
Anne Arundel County, Maryland, will mentioned a bequest left by
his Uncle John CALLINGWOOD of London,2 and John's will named
his "Nephew Nicholas GAHSAWAY."3

There are several indications that the family at Rolleston is the correct
identity of Anne and brother John. On the marriage allegation for John
Collingwood in 1682 as a widower, he was age 73, matching the birth date
of John at Rolleston.5

In his will John CALLINGWOOD was identified as an Armorer. John was
granted his freedom on 20 November 1633 by order of the Lord Mayor and
Court of Alderman.7 While most freedom listings contained the name
of the apprentice's father and prior residence, as well as their master, the
entry for John CALLINGWOOD did not. No listing of when he was apprenticed
was found. Most had typically been bound either 7 or 9 years, and John
had probably been apprenticed after the death of his mother in late 1625.

After obtaining his freedom, John CALLINGWOOD also had several apprentices 
throughout the years. The most important is that two children of Thomas
CALLINGWOOD of Walsall, Staffordshire, were apprenticed to John. Thomas
was apprenticed on 20 December 1661, and John on 10 June 1662.8
Rolleston is about 28 miles, from Walsall. The probable age of Thomas 
CALLINGWOOD based on his 1640 marriage is consistent with the Thomas
born 1615/6 at Rolleston, and no other candidates to be the Thomas who
married in 1640 have been located other than the one born at Rolleston.

John CALLINGWOOD's will also named his "sister READING's" granddaughter
Jane WARD and his "cousin Callingwood WARD." This WARD family is found
at Barton-under-Needwood, Staffordshire, which is about 9 miles from
Rolleston, and 19 miles from Walsall. The location of this WARD family
named in John CALLINGWOOD's will supports that John was the person
born close by at Rolleston, and that his brother Thomas moved to Walsall.
It is also noteworthy that the birth of Anne in 1611/2 is consistent with
her 1631 marriage to Thomas GASSAWAY.

An additional connection is that John CALLINGWOOD in his will made a
bequest to Samuel WRAY, with no relationship stated. There was a
Sara CALLINGWOOD who married George WRAYE at St. Margaret's,
Westminster Church in London, the same church where Anne CALLINGWOOD
married Thomas GASSAWAY.23 That marriage would be for John
and Anne's sister Sara, who did have a son Samuel [W]RAY.

A connection is also indicated with the BEAVER family. Nicholas 
GASSAWAY [Sr.] in his will had indicated that the bequest left
him by his uncle John CALLINGWOOD in London was in the possession of 
his "cousin Samuel BEAVER."2 John CALLINGWOOD in his will mentioned his niece
Elizabeth BEAVER and also left a bequest to Jane BEAVER who was
living with him at the time he wrote his will. That raises
the question as to whether that Jane is his sister Jane.

A relation with the LEAFE family is indicated but how is not certain.
John CALLINGWOOD left bequests to Sarah LEAFE and to Sarah LEAFE's 
sister CALLINGWOOD dwelling in Staffordshire. The 1698 Calvert Co.,
MD will of Francis LEAFE made his "cousin Nicholas GASSAWAY" [Jr.] as
one of his executors.10 That Nicholas was the grandson of Thomas GASSAWAY

The given name of the "Sister Reading" named in the will of John
CALLINGWOOD is not known. For her to have the granddaughter Jane
WARD, she may have been an elder child born about 1605, and John
and wife Jane have have moved to Rolleston after her birth.
Female CALLINGWOOD b. say 1605; m. Mr. READING;3
    1. daughter READING b. say 1626; m. -?- -?-
        1. Jane -?-;1 b. say 1645 m. Godfrey WARD; they had 
           children baptized at Barton Under Needwood, Staffordshire
            1. Francis WARD b. 13 Jan. 1664;11 bur. 25 Jan. 1664;12
	    2. Callingwood WARD b. 31 Dec. 1665;13
            3. Jane WARD b. 10 Sep. 1667;14
            4. Philip WARD b. 18 Mar. 1669;15 bur. 31 Mar. 1669;16
            5. Dorathy WARD bap. 12 May 1671;17

Sara CALLINGWOOD and husband George WRAY had known children:
   1. Mary WRAY bap. 20 May 1640;18
   2. John WRAY bap. 19 June 1642;19
   3. Samuel WRAY1 bap. 28 Jan. 1646;20

The female CALLINGWOOD who m. Mr. BEAVER had known children:
   1. Samuel BEAVER2
   2. Elizabeth BEAVER3

Thomas COLLINGWOOD and wife Katherine/Catherine WESSON had known children,
who were all baptized at Wallsal, Stafforshire:
   1. Sarah CALLINGWOOD bap. 6 July 1641;9
   2. Thomas CALLINGWOOD b. 16 Aug. 1643;9
   3. [Jane]? bap. 26 March 1645;9
   4. John CALLINGWOOD  bap. 18 Aug. 1647;21
   5. Mary CALLINGWOOD bap. 13 Jan. 1649 [1649/50];21
   6. Anne CALLINGWOOD bap. 28 Nov. 1652;21

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