The English origin of William BURGESS of Anne Arundel Co., MD would point
to Marlborough, Wiltshire.  Joseph BURGER [BURGES] of Wilts., England and
Anne Arundel Co., MD wrote his will in 1672 and named his mother, then the
wife of John KEYNES of Marlborough, and brothers and sisters Isaac, Daniel,
Elizabeth PARKER, William, Samuel, Jeremia, Anne, and Mary.1

Further connection is shown that on 30 Nov. 1672 John KEYNES of Marlborough,
Wiltshire produced a deed to Benjamin LAWRENCE of Marlborough, chandler, for
the sale of land in Anne Arundel Co., MD, and a letter of attorney to William
BURGES, Thomas TAYLOR, Nathaniel HEATHWICKE, and George PUDDINGTON so that
KEYNES could enter the land and give possession to LAWRENCE.2

Harry Wright NEWMAN went as far to hint, but not actually state the brother
William named in the will of Joseph was the William BURGESS of Anne Arundel
Co., MD.3  Robert W. BARNES stated that William of Maryland was the William
bap. 2 July 1626 at St. Peter and Paul, Marlborough, son of William BURGESS,
and brother to Joseph BURGESS bap. 11 Feb. 1611, and Daniel born ca. 1612.  He
also stated it was this Joseph that wrote the MD will.4 There are errors in this
identification of Joseph, as shown below from the church records, and the will
of John KEYNES. Colonel William BURGESS of Maryland was not the son of the above
William BURGES, who had Joseph born in 1611 and Daniel ca. 1612.

The will of this William BURGIS of Marlborough, Wiltshire was written 14 June
1640, probated 6 Nov. 1641.5 He named his wife Alice BURGES; daughter
Mary the wife of Edward PUTTMAN; daughter Martha wife of Edward HUTCHINS;
daughter Elizabeth BURGIS, his youngest daughter, for her marriage portion
the bond of 100 pounds due unto him from Mr. Christopher FOWLER, and also
bequeathed her additional sums of money; son Isacke BURGIS; Mary and
Elizabeth BURGIS daughters of Joseph BURGIS, deceased; the lease he bought
in Gloucestershire and made over to his son Joseph, deceased, to be held
by his daughter-in-law Elizabeth BURGIS and her mother during their lives;
residue to son Daniel who was made executor.  Very good friends brother-in-law
William BLISSETT, Thomas HUNT, and William BARNES were overseers. Wit.:
Nicholas PROFFITT, William BLISSETT, Jun., George THOMAS.  

The Church records list baptisms for children of William BURGES (wife not named) of:
Mary bap. 20 Oct. 1604
Mary bap. 15 Dec. 1605
Joseph bap. Feb. 1611

Wills exist for his son Joseph BURGESS, of "Almonsberie" Gloucestershire,
written 22 Mar. 1638, and probated 15 Nov. 16396 and this William's
brother-in-law William BLISSETT of Marlborough, Gentleman, written 12 Nov. 1642,
probated 29 Dec. 16467 that have not been abstracted here.

The father of the Joseph BURGES of the Anne Arundel Co., MD will was Isaac,
son of the above William. Isaac was probably born about 1615.8 The church records9
show that Isaac married Anne YORK 13 Aug. 1640. Isaac BURGES was buried on
10 Oct. 1668.  His widow as "Mrs. Anne Burges" secondly married John KEYNES
on 17 Jan. 1669.  Mr. John KEYNES was buried 13 Dec. 1675.

The will of John KEYNES (abstract below) and the church records show Isaac BURGES
and Anne YORK had children:
1. Isaac bap. 7 Jan. 1641 [1642]; bur. 15 Apr. 1679
2. Anne 20 Nov. 1642
3. Joseph b. ca. 1644; d. 1672 Anne Arundel Co., MD
4. Daniel b. ca. 1646
5. Elizabeth b. ca. 1648; m. Mr. PARKE/PARKER
6. William b. ca. 1651
7. Mary bap. 1 Sep. 1654; bur. Dec. 1654
8. John bap. 14 Oct. 1655; died before 1672
9. Samuel bap. 25 Jan. 1656 [1657]
10. Jeremiah bap. 17 July 1658
11.Mary bap. 12 Oct. 1660 

The will of John KEYNES of Marlborough was written 1 Jan. 1674 and probated
20 Mar. 1675.10  He named his wife Anne KEYNES and made numerous bequests
to children and grandchildren from a prior marriage, and other relatives.
He also made bequests to his wife's son Isaack BURGES, his wife's son
Daniel BURGES, his wife's daughter PARKE, his wife's son William BURGES,
his wife's son Samuell BURGES at 21, his wife's son Jeremy BURGES at 22,
his wife's daughter Anne, and his wife's daughter Mary at 18.  Also mentioned
was his "brother-in-law" Mr. Daniel BURGES.

The William BURGES baptized in 1626 is believed to be the son of a "William
BURGES the younger" who was buried 24 August 1641. This man was apparently
the father of:
1. William bap. 2 July 1626
2. George bap. 3 Aug. 1628
3. Mary bap. 11 April 1631; bur. 18 Oct. 1635

Note that William of the 1641 will had a married daughter named Mary at that
time, proving there were two different men named William BURGES of age by
1631.  The William BURGES of the 1641 will was buried as William "BURGIS"
on 22 October 1641. His wife was apparently the Deborah, wife of William BURGES
who was buried on 12 April 1636.

The relation of "William BURGES the younger" to William of the 1641 will
who was father of Isaac, and grandfather of Joseph who went to Anne Arundel
Co., MD is unknown.

Whether Col. William BURGESS of Maryland is identical to William baptized
in 1626, son of William BURGES ["the younger"] is unknown.  At this time
it has not been proved, or disproved.

In his Volume 2, Barnes in citing this website incorrectly interpretted the
information here.  In his book an "article" on the BURGESS family that he
attributed to being written by me (that I did not write) he continued to
list the William baptized in 1626 as being William of Maryland. For some
inexplicable reason he listed the William born in 1626 as being the son of Isaac
BURGES and Anne YORK, born 14 years before they married!11

The LDS Ancestral File contains a listing that a Daniel BURGESS born about
1599 at Stains, Sutton Magna, Wiltshire marrried Catherine and had children
Elizabeth (Parker), Joseph, Samuel, William, Jeremiah, Anne, Mary, Isaac, Daniel,
BURGESS.  Note these are the same 9 siblings that come from the the will of
Joseph BURGES of Anne Arundel County, including the distinctive Elizabeth PARKE[R].
The source of William being called the son of Daniel is unknown, but if he indeed
was, then someone has erroneously attached the children of Isaac to Daniel.

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