In the Name of the Benevolent Father of all I Joseph Amy of Harrison
County and State of Indiana do make and publish this my last Will and
  Item 1st I give and Bequeath to my two sons Jesse Amy, and George W.
Amy, the farm I now reside on being the east half of the south East
quarter of section 36 in township 4 south Range 2 to be Equally divided
between them and to be their property during their natural Life and at
Jesse Amys decease his part of the above described real estate to be
given to his Lawful heirs to be theirs forever provided my son George W.
Amy should die Leaving no children Lawfully begotten of his body then and
in that case the Share of the above described real estate devised to my
son George W. Amy is hereby devised and Bequeathed to my Grand son Ira
Amy to be his property forever.
  Item 2nd The personal property that may be on hand at the time of my
decease after all my just Debts and funeral expenses are paid I wish
disposed of in the following manner in the first place if my granddaughter
Kesiah E. Amy who now resides with me stays with me and takes care of
me until my decease I give and bequeath unto her one Cow, and one Bed
Bedstead and Bed clothing out of my personal property, the balance that
may be on hand at me decease to be divided Between my two sons Jesse Amy
and George W. Amy or sold as they may elect.
  I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made.
  In testimony hereof I have hereunto Set my hand and seal this 30th day
of January A.D. 1874
				Joseph Amy
Signed and Acknowledged by said Joseph Amy as his Last Will and testament
in our presence and signed by is in his presence.
John R. Baxter
Daniel Baxter
  The will was proved on 23 July 1874 by John R. Baxter.

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