Mister Tee...

[Tee's photo]

...finally has his own page!

While our humans went to Maryland for the holidays we stayed at a doggie hotel. It was fun. They even had parties for us. Here I am on New Year's Eve, looking for something to eat. To see the usual photo that belongs here, just click on the picture above.

My official name is E. T. VI, but please call me Tee. My pal Simon has been on the web for a while, and he's been after me to get my own stuff out there.

I'm a Golden Retriever, a breed that began early in the 19th Century in Lord Tweedmouth's kennels in England. My great-great-ever-so-great grandparents were hunting dogs and some of my relatives proudly do that work today.

I was born October 21, 1992 in downstate Illinois. My father was Godbees Golden Sage and my mom was Roeschleys Trixie, but I really don't remember much about that. My first people seemed nice enough but when I started to grow so big then they didn't like me so much. Fortunately a nice lady came and took me away, and now I live with my adopted father Gary Plazyk, and my good buddy Simon, in Chicago. I get to do obedience with jumps and retrieving, and especially my favorite thing right now, pulling a cart.

Here are some new pictures of me doing different stuff:

E-mail: Gary Plazyk .