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While our people went to Maryland for the holidays, we stayed at a doggie hotel. It was lots of fun. They even had parties for us. Here I am looking a little hung over on New Year's, but actually I was deciding whether that tinsel would taste good. To see the usual photo that fills this spot, just click on the picture above.


Check out my results from the Fall 1996 Virtual Dog Show!

[Red rosette] Reserve Best of Breed, Bearded Collie
[Yellow rosette] Third in "Dog Most Like Owner" specialty
[Pink rosette] Fourth in "Cutest Photo" competition

Not too shabby for a novice, huh? But I sure wish more beardies would enter the VDS next time. It gets kinda lonely with only two or three of us against all those Aussies and German Shepherds.

I'm a Bearded Collie , a breed only recently recognized by the American Kennel Club, but with ancestry going back many centuries. My great-great-ever-so-great grandparents were shepherds in Scotland and Northern England, and some of my relatives proudly do that work today.

I was born January 13, 1996, at Cyndie and Ed Reinheimer's in Theresa, Wisconsin. My Mom is Ch. Wyndmist Let's Party, and Dad is Ch. Crisch Dress Blues. Now I live with my adopted father, Gary Phillips , and my good buddy Mr. Tee , in Chicago. I'm looking forward to learning obedience, just like Tee , and maybe agility or herding skills, too.

Here are some new pictures of me, at age 12 months:

Here are some new pictures of me, at age 6 months:

Here are some older photos, from when I was just 12 weeks old:

E-mail: Gary Phillips .