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Fast Forward Engineering

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About Fast Forward Engineering

Fast Forward Engineering is an engineering consultation firm specializing in contract design of low-cost, high-performance consumer electronics, RF and other wireless technologies, automotive electronics, and remote telemetry and control. We can handle the entire design process, turning ideas into manufacturable products, or we can provide software-only services to clients who have hardware- and mechanical-design expertise but lack the time or staff required to develop the specialized skills necessary to write real-time embedded-control software.

We use microcontrollers and microprocessors from Motorola, Microchip Technology, National, Intel, etc.

We were one of the first companies certified by Microchip Technology, Inc., as a member of the Microchip Consultant Program (ID #905-031); we're listed in Microchip's Third-Party Guide under "Design Consultants, USA-Western".

Our clients include sports and recreation equipment developers, leading manufacturers of high-end audio and home-automation products, automotive-electronics and consumer-aerospace companies, government agencies, and a major semiconductor manufacturer or two. We've recently done work for the following companies; please visit their Web sites:

Altec Irrigation, Inc.
Manufacturers of the LEIT-4000 light-powered irrigation controller.
ByteCraft Limited
Developer of the best C compilers for Microchip, Motorola, National Semiconductor, and Zilog microcontrollers.
CIBN Technologies
Makers of MantaTM, a unique, intelligent security device for notebook computers.
Crimestopper Security Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of innovative vehicle-security devices.
Evolve Products, Inc.
Developers of two-way infrared technology used in a new generation of remote controls for the subscription broadcasting industry.
Indyme Electronics, Inc.
Manufacturer of a wide range of communications solutions for the retail industry.
Inform Software Corp.
Developer of the fuzzyTECH series of fuzzy-logic development tools.
Jacobs Electronics
Manufacturers of high-performance automotive electronics systems.
Microchip Technology, Inc.
The world's leading supplier of 8-bit RISC Microcontrollers and Serial EEPROM Memory.
Quantum Group, Inc.
Producers of carbon-monoxide detection products.
Remtron, Inc.
A leading manufacturer of industrial radio controls for the materials-handling industries.
The Stanley Works, Inc.
A worldwide producer of tools, hardware and specialty hardware for home improvement, consumer, industrial and professional use.
Telemetry Solutions, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of wildlife-tracking radio telemetry products.
Wired Rite Systems, Inc.
Designers and manufacturers of switch panels, power distribution systems, and controllers for the service vehicle industry.

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