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Fast Forward Engineering

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Fast Forward Engineering is an engineering consultation firm specializing in the design of low-cost, high-performance consumer electronics, RF and other wireless technologies, automotive electronics, and remote telemetry and control.

We maintain a presence in the real world. Although there is some brief information about our company here, this page is not intended to be the primary point of contact for our company. If you're interested in contracting with us for custom engineering work, you can reach us at:

Fast Forward Engineering          Tel:  760 724-9600            
1320 Kilby Lane                   Fax:  760 724-0042            
Vista, CA  92083-7166                                           
Attn:  Andrew Warren              E-Mail:  fastfwd@ix.netcom.com

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We welcome your comments and suggestions. You can reach us by e-mail at: fastfwd@ix.netcom.com.
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