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Louis Rukeyser 1933-2006 
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Beloved TV Host of "Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser" died of multiple myeloma at his Greenwich, Connecticut, home on May 2, 2006 at the age of 73.


Tribute by Steve Thompson, May 3, 2006                  More Pictures

It is with great sadness I learned of the death of Louis Rukeyser. Words can't properly express what Lou's work meant to so many people over such a long period of time. I knew of Louis Rukeyser's reputation long before I started saving and investing seriously. When the time came for me to begin thinking of my financial future I considered Lou a reliable source for guidance and further knowledge. Two things impressed me about the man. First he ran a classy show yet it was down to earth and comfortable. I feel he intended to show viewers how by getting a little better return investing in equities they could improve their lifestyle substantially. Secondly he sought out differing points of view. To me this showed he was very secure in his views and welcomed open discussion while keeping an open mind. No smoke and mirrors with Lou.

His opening monologues were puny priceless pearls that ended with his trademark wink. He tackled all the tough topics from politics to the economy. He always intertwined wit, wisdom, and common sense. Rukeyser was truly a free market thinker.

In later years Lou became involved with two newsletters, one for stocks and one for mutual funds. He also offered yearly cruises that allowed guests access to top financial journalists and money managers. For those land lovers a similar event was held yearly in Las Vegas. Perhaps Lou's legacy will be in the written word. He has a long list of books he has authored or co-authored. Always open to new avenues Lou even lent his voice for several books on tape and CDs. Perhaps his most impressive trait was I never saw him use the TV show for self promotion.

For me the highlight every year was the end of year TV show. At this time all the regular panelists made their predictions for the high, low, and year end close for the DOW and NASDAQ. They also gave a list of securities to buy and that list couldn't be altered for any reason the remainder of the year. Lou seemed to particularly enjoy his name for this contest, the annual contest of Hope over Experience. At years end the returns were revealed for all panelists and the top four invited on air for a Black Tie champagne celebration. Lou took great store in holding people accountable. :)

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