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Detailed summary of Bob Brinker’s TEFQX Advice  (Click for chart)

TEFQX is the First Hand eCommerce Fund managed by Kevin Landis first recommended by Bob Brinker in January 2000.

I am a big fan of the radio show, Moneytalk, hosted by Bob Brinker. Over the last twenty years, Bob Brinker has dispensed mostly excellent advice to callers about how to manage their money for the long term.  Sometimes he gives terrible advice "off the books" where he'll spend as much as a page of his "Marketimer" newsletter on the recommendation but if it goes bad, he simply stops talking about it.  This is one example.

Originally posted May 16th, 2007 here  (update 1/7/08:  It seems "someone" had the forums about Bob Brinker removed from Suite101....)

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» honeyoneohone - Another Bob Brinker Off the Books Recommendation That Went South

In one of Will's post at the Free Forum he made this comment:

  • "I recall retired sorts were going crazy on his site with Junior hyping the B2B sector and stocks in the fall of 99 and spring of 2000. Brinker and his adoration of TEFQX and Landis, the fund manager likely caused many people to bet too heavily on that terrible idea that he just hid rather than ever closed out."

  • Kirk posted the following information about Bob Brinker's 5% recommendation for TEFQX, which later lost 90% and was placed on hold but never closed:
      TEFQX Write-up in January & February 2000 Marketimers:
    • Brinker, Jan 8, 2000 MT TEFQX=$15.40; "Firsthand e-Commerce Fund, (888-883-3863) is added to page four of the Recommended list this month. We will include a writeup (sic) on this fund in the February Marketimer. For now, we would limit investments in this fund to 5%, and this 5% would be part of our revised 25% overall United States equity weighting. This fund is expected to be volatile, therefore it is appropriate only for very high risk tolerance investors."

    • Brinker, Feb 8, 2000 MT: TEFQX=$15.99; "Firsthand e-Commerce Fund is the newest addition to the Marketimer No-Load Fund Recommended List on Page four...... We have ALWAYS viewed books, toys and on-line auctions as the tip of the iceberg for electronic business. We believe business-to-business transactions will greatly surpass retail e-commerce including software development tools, database providers, hardware manufacturers and service providers.

      We are very positive on the potential for the internet growth track to carry forward through international penetration. We are hopeful the fund will be able to add many of the best positioned B2B companies going forward. Many of these companies are not yet publicly owned but will come to market in the future."

    (Detailed summary of Bob Brinker’s TEFQX Advice Continued)

    • March 7, 2001 MT:  TEFQX=$3.93; "We are removing Firsthand e-Commerce Fund from the Recommended List. We rate the fund a "hold" at these levels... we expect the shares to recover value over time."

    • Pg 8 of any MT: "Portfolio 1 is designed for investors with aggressive growth investment objectives. Such investors seek maximum returns and are willing and able to accept high levels of risk and volatility."
    Low of Record: August 5, 2002 @ $1.60 (still a HOLD & down 90%)
    (Kirk wrote:) Yup, he was buying into the IPO mania in internet stocks right at the very top. He did mention it was volatile and not for risk averse investors which would leave out P3 types that don't market time.

    Everyone is wrong on occasion. Is sure know I have been wrong on many stocks over the years. But we put our risky recommendations into our portfolios so they can be measured.

    Brinker seems to put most his risky advice "off the books" so he can delete it from the newsletter if they go down (UTEK, ONTK, TEFQX) or keep them as multi year "HOLDS" if they go up (MSFT & VOD). In this day and age of exposing those that "cook the books" consumers should DEMAND accounting accuracy from those in the national spotlight. This sort of behavior (off the books accounting) from a national figure on a Disney Network should be held to EVEN HIGHER standards.

    Sandy Weill and Jack Grubman are now in the news
    Could we be reading stories about Michael Eisner and Bob Brinker next month?

    CBS has already caught on.... but they are not owned by ABC/Disney! I wonder if there is much pressure from the networks to NOT go after the others as that just opens themselves up for close inspection?"
    -- posted by Kirk Lindstrom

    -- posted by honeyoneohone

    As far as we know, Bob Brinker has not written about TEFQX in his newsletter since putting it on "HOLD" in March 2001.  Do you still hold the fund waiting for Bob to tell you to buy more before it recovers?  Please tell us your story.

    Firsthand E-Commerce Fund Chart 1/1/00 through 1/1/09Firsthand E-Comm;Inv (FUND) Chart
    As of March 6, 2009, Brinker has not changed his "hold" recommendation on TEFQX but he has stopped covering it in his newsletter.  Brinker will not take calls on his recommendation according to people who have tried to ask him on the air about his advice for this fund.

    Please tell us know how you heard about us. 

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