Photo set 2

Ready to race!
Maybe the wind is a little too strong!
Well that's a fine mess you've got us in!
Who is that man in the pith helmut?
Partying hard or hardly partying?
Always a class act!
A C-15 does not really have sleeping accomodations!
This is the way we tow the craddle.
More monkey business!
Into the water she goes!
Cousin IT goes on a sailing club cruise.
I'm seeing red.
The happy galley slave.
Story Time.
Story time audience.
What is under the rest of the blanket?
Returning to cockpit with a smile after eating a wave on deck!
Information just released under the freedom of information act now allows us to tell about the experimental rocket propelled C-15.
A display of good sportsmanship during the Manana Cup.
A display of not so good sportsmanship during the Manana Cup.
Pleased as punch.
Avalon dead ahead.
Avalon cruise December '77.
No, she's not stoned, just tired!
We even have banquets.
And you still can't take us anywhere!
Arch Rock!
Swabbing the deck of Tiki Punch.
Another coke booth, service with a smile.
How to wash your hair in the ocean in February!
Getting a tan through the fog.
We're easy to entertain.
Really easy to entertain!
Crusing at Catalina Harbor.
First Bluewater cruise.
Where's that wind.
She wears a brown bag well!
On a catamaran at Lake Castaic.
And you thought San Francisco was strange.
Sailing to Santa Barbara Island.
Later it got rougher!

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