Photo set 1

Hiking Out!
Would you go sailing with this crew?
Is this a morning person?
Why do I look like I have a headache?
Next time I want to dry the dishes!
You can't take these people anywhere!
What can you say?
Our hero saves a damsel from falling overboard!
And we take lots of photos too!
Rocking out at Parson's Landing.
Oooouuu Aaaaahhhh!
Would you take a flyer from these guys!
Barefoot sailing.
Captain Lightfoot.
This is a bigger crowd than an LA freeway; it must be a FREE SAIL!
Fending off.
I forgot what sailing club people would do in front of a camera.
Look ma no hands!
Lunch is over!
The boat Tami! The boat!
Reflection pond racing.
The sails don't just get up and walk away! Or maybe they do!
Sunset from Anacapa.
Why are these people hitting that girl?
Morning in Pelican Bay.
Man, is that guy stoned!
Sailor Sue and Sharon too!
Rub a dub dub, three in Tiki Punch?
There must be a good story here; do you know it?

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