The Donald MacLean Smith Family

We live on the Stepping Seven Ranch, near Rochester 98579

or Centralia 98531, Washington, USA, Earth


Donald IX MacLean, Husband and Papa

I now know just how true this statement is --"When did I ever have time to go to WORK" ????? I guess this is a normal statement for any retiree. This old man and grandpa is working on this homepage. There seems always something to do that gets in the way of having some fun. Since I worked so many years of shift work and late hours, I am still awake at midnight. The computer and internet do get used quite a bit. See LINKS below for genealogy and Smilers Humor.


Joyce Carol Zender, The Boss ! and Grandma.

You don't think she is the Boss? How many title's does it take to be the boss. She has many more than I have, so she must be the BOSS ! Wife, cook, homemaker, nanny, washer, ironer, message service attendant, secondary answering machine, dog feeder, and she flails a mean broom , if someone or something gets in her way. She keeps the home in order and feeds all the troops. Joyce has her own e-mail address at Her big number 2 job now is babysitting grand daughters, Sarah and Amy. At church she is now the 2002 UMW president. She seems to never get enough e-mail from her son.


Tracie Carine Smith Hoium, Daughter.

Wife of Kent and Mother of Sarah Ann 12-27-96 and Amy Lynn 4-23-98. It is nice to have them so close. People kept asking how close, so I measured it. Our front door to their back door is 166 feet. Sarah and Amy can walk between houses without assistance. Grandma likes that, both ways, coming and going! Both girls are fun and enjoyable, but real pills at times. I can just wait in some fear of what these 2 girls will be in a year or two. Can grandpa yell for help now ?


Bruce Donald Smith, Son

Bruce is a United Methodist Pastor in Davenport and Edwall, Washinton. He also is the husband of Kendra Behn, and father of Brianna Kathryn, Born February 10th. 1999. Pictures of the cousins are nice to have. It is nice to have them back in the states after 4 years serving churches in England.


Pets and Other Creatures

Harry is the new addition. He is a purebred Tibetian Spaniel. All the deer, bears, bobcats, eagles, hawks, coyotes, and moles are not part of the family but they enjoy the country around us. We will not say anything about the skunks and opossums.

"Live your life so the preacher will not have to lie at your funeral"

"It is not enough to quote scripture, you must read it."

The genealogy work continues, slowly at best it seems, and my data base is growing. I wish I could devote more time to it. More relatives are helping by sending in additions and corrections. (See a LINK below). I wish to thank those of you who have sent e-mail because you saw this page and have read the words I typed. This web page started and maintained so family, relatives, and friends can enjoy. There are some links below to surf and enjoy. We all know that it takes lots of time, with trials and errors, to build a good web page, maybe even a year or two or three or well, maybe forever ! Comments? e-mail is the way to go. All you need to do is click on blue highlighted e-mail address at the bottom of the page and send me a message (or send e-mail to .... and thanks ! ----------- Hang in there and keep enjoying "surfing on the WEB !" Find or get an error (spelling, links not working, or ... please e-mail me). Also e-mail me and list the web sites you have found that you may think I would be interested in looking at and viewing. And yes, if you have a web site, send me your address. Thank you, in advance, for sharing the information.

And "Oh my YES", it is great and very nice to be retired ! If you really want to send something, with a snail mail, the USPS address is ---- P.O. Box 824 Centralia, Wa. 98531-0824

Thanks --- Shalom ---- Pax Vobiscum et Bonum --- donmac


Links to go to and visit, places to have some fun !

  1. Genealogy Page
  2. With over100,000 links, this is by far the best Genealogist Homepage that I have found. This is really a great place to start a browse session on the web. You will have lots of fun here, but keep a log on your hits as you can get lost when you try to return to where you started.
  3. Web Cams cover the world! - Warning: do not go to this web site unless you have lots of time to have fun seeing sites from all over the world. Lots of Cam Sites ... a great web site ... see "The Wall" in Jerusalem and lots of places around the globe.
  4. Ex-Employer's Web Site ... 27 years and Retired !
  5. Great Northern Railway ... only railroad I knew and now model some. Links to some Railroad sites and news on and of Great Northern Railway Historical Society. The web-master does a great job with this web site.
  6. Submarines .... plus ! Memories of 8 years service time. A sailor's delightful place to surf the web. Amazing amount of "Links" that takes a lot of time. I have an e-mail address set up for military connections and old shipmates. - surprisingly, quite a few ex-shipmates have written. But it also shows how much I have forgotten. ie...names!
  7. Don Shelton's Submarines and Targets
  8. My "home" country of Glacier National Park is beautiful, just visit and you may just have to agree ! ! ! Some beautiful pictures and a live camera showing local weather conditions on the west side at the Park HQers.
  9. Smilers is a continuing attempt to supply some smiles.
  10. USS Sculpin SSN-590 - Web site I built for my Qual Boat

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