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Greetings !! This site is dedicated to furthering the art and science of Growing Your Own Hops. It features "SECRETS OF GROWING YOUR OWN HOPS--A HOW-TO VIDEO," the Definitive Video explaining the How and Why of Growing Your Own Hops!
You'll also find my monthly newsletter featuring timely information about growing hops as well other news and information essential for a well-rounded hop-grower.

In the hop-growing video section, you'll find a description of the video's contents, a press release about the video as well as reviews and ordering options.

You'll also find a reprint of my Zymurgy article on growing hops and links to hop rhizome suppliers and other important sites. Don't miss the food for thought in "The Boston Imbiber" and "The Homebrewers Hierarchy of Needs" pages. Finally, there's even a virtual trip to sunny Arizona!

Please come in and browse around--
If you're serious about growing hops, the video will help to maximize your chances for hop-growing success. It's a two-hour "mini-course" for only $19.95!
Click here for ordering options!

You can also order the video or speak directly to me by calling

The Toll-Free Hopline: 1-888-476-4677 (1-888-GRO-HOPS) 

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Please check out ... This is my new website dedicated to the citizens who want to assure an uninterrupted supply of fresh brew with minimal investment of time, space, or equipment. It features 1- and 2-gallon brewing kits designed for maximum flavor and shelf life using ordinary kitchen equipment. There's also an Emergency Glow in the Dark Beer Mug to prevent losing or spilling your beer in the darkness of night or in the event of a power failure. These quality products are both pratical and fun, so they'd be great to give as gifts or keep for yourself.

January/February Newsletter ...Hops Prepare for Blast-Off!

March/April Newsletter ...It's Time to Get Hopping!

May/June  Newsletter ...Hops in Primary Growth Phase

July Newsletter ...Hops, History and H2O

August Newsletter ...When Hops Go Wild

September/October Newsletter ...September Song

November/December Newsletter ...Hibernating Hops?

1999 New York Hop Festival...Press Releases for Hop Festival on Saturday, Aug 7, l999

New York Hop Festival...Press Release for Hop Festival on Aug 1, l998

Video Contents...Check out the comprehensive coverage!

Top Ten Reasons to Grow Your Own Hops...Discover the Benefits of Growing Your Own!!

Press Release for Hop Growing Video (with Pictures)...Learn the Story Behind the Video!

Text-Only Version of Press Release ...For quick downloading

What the Critics are Saying...Uncensored Reviews

Mail or Fax Video Order Form...Just print out, fill out, then fax or mail back.

On-Line Credit Card Order Form ...Secure Credit Card Ordering through CCNow

The Home Brewers Hierarchy of Needs...Attain Self-Actualization and Beyond!--New!

Links to Hop Suppliers and Other Good Stuff...Recently Updated

The Boston Imbiber...'Sophical Maunderings and Readers' Introspectives On Beer and Hops--New Updates!

A Gardener's Guide to Homegrown Hops...Reprint of My Hop-Growing Article published in the 1997 Zymurgy "Classic Guide to Hops" Special Issue

Cool PicTureS from AriZonA...Take a Virtual Vacation!

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DON'T LOOK NOW but these are some UPCOMING FEATURES . .

Hop Cultivation Calendar

Future Video Projects

For further info or to order the video, e-mail me here or call

The Toll-Free Hopline: 1-888-476-4677 (1-888-GRO-HOPS)

. . . or send a FAX to 1-480-986-9292 . . . . Thanks for stopping by !!

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