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You asked for an index and, basically, that's what this is.

The first issue of the one-of-a-kind bourbon newsletter, The Bourbon Country Reader, was published in 1993. We do approximately six issues a year. Sometimes it gets stretched out a little bit, but each volume consists of six issues. The Bourbon Country Reader is the only publication of its kind, the only publication devoted exclusively to American whiskey and the people who make it, for people who enjoy it.

The Bourbon Country Reader is always independent and idiosyncratic. It has no distillery affiliation and accepts no advertising.

A few years ago, readers of The Reader started to ask about an index. The request makes sense. Most of the material in The Reader simply isn't available anywhere else. It has become an important reference source for many people, who want an easy way to find past stories of interest.

An index was begun several times, but we weren't sure what would be the best way to do it, how to make it as useful as possible, how to deliver it to people who wanted it, and how to keep it up to date.

This seems like the best solution and, best of all, it's FREE!

What It Is. The name pretty much explains it, The Bourbon Country Reader Issue Contents in Chronological Order is a list of all the contents of every issue, in chronological order. Starting at the beginning, it lists the volume and issue number of each issue, the publication date, the headlines of all the stories in that issue, and where necessary there is a short description of what the story is about (when it isn't obvious from the headline). Naturally, all of the product reviews are included too. That's the main thing for a lot of readers.

Fully Searchable and Printable. Since it's a PDF document, you can open it in the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader and do everything you can with any other PDF document. You can key-word search it, and you can print it. Search on a distillery name, and you should find every story about that distillery. Search on a brand name and you should find every story about that whiskey brand. You get the idea.

Always Up-to-Date. Each time a new issue of The Bourbon Country Reader is published, we will update the Issue Contents. Maybe it won't be the exact same day, but it will be close. It will always have the same file name and will contain all of the "old" content, so the best bet is just to download the new one and discard the old one. If we find mistakes along the way, we'll fix them. If people make suggestions for improving it (and we agree with them), we'll do that too.

Why Volume One Is Not Available. When we started The Reader in 1993, it was an experiment. We had no idea if anyone would be interested. The design was very crude. (Considering how simple it still is, that's saying something.) After the first six issues, we had worked out the kinks and decided to keep going. We chose to bury the experimental first volume, for reasons both aesthetic and technical. In light of that decision, we resolved to republish in future issues all significant stories from those first six issues, which we did, so you're really not missing anything by not having Volume One.

How to Download. If you click on the cover picture above, or here, the same thing will happen. If you left-click (and you have the Acrobat Reader) the file will simply open. If you right-click and choose "Save Target As" you can save it wherever you choose.

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Now you have the index, but do you have all of the back issues? No problem. Back issues of The Bourbon Country Reader are available as bound volumes. Each bound volume contains six issues. All completed volumes are available except Volume One.

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